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a rock that Beorn walked on; it is the only one near his home; he is familiar with it

Where and what is the Carrock?

Beorn can change into a bear

Why does Gandalf call Beorn a skin-changer?

Beorn thinks kindly of the dwarves because they killed the Great Goblin; his enemies are the goblins

Why does Beorn think kindly of the dwarves? Who are Beorn's enemies?

ponies for Bilbo and the dwarves; horse for Gandalf; nuts; flour; sealed jars of dried fruits; pots of honey; twice-baked cakes

What does Beorn provide for the travelers' continued journey?

Beorn: it is dark, dangerous, and difficult; hard to find food/water; there is only one stream; its water is deadly
Gandalf: stick to the path; keep their spirits up; hope for the best

What is Beorn's advice about Mirkwood? What is Gandalf's advice?

no; Bilbo and the dwarves were almost captured by the spiders; they were similar to flies being caught by spiders

Are the flies referred to in the chapter title literal flies? Explain.

he stumbled when a deer jumped over him; he fell into the water; he pushed the boat away from the bank; he almost drowned; he slept for many days; had a dream about food

What happens to Bombur?

when they come across the river that Beorn warned them not to drink from; when Bilbo is separated and alone; it is after he killed the spider; they cannot find each other;

When are the dwarves glad about Beorn's warning to them? When do they later lament the fact that the did not remember his advice? (HELP ME!!!! i got this wrong)

the lights and the thought of food

What finally lures the dwarves off the path?

Thorin was captured by the Elvenking; he was thrown in the dungeons

How does Thorin disappear?

there is no escape from the magic doors in there cave-thing

The dwarves are captured by the Wood-elves. Why do the elves have no need of tying up their prisoners? (help here please)

wandering in the Wood-elves' kingdom without leave

What are the crimes the dwarves are accused of committing?

he can sneak around the guards and locate the dwarves' cells; he delivered Thorin's message to the other dwarves

What good results from Bilbo's invisible presence in the Wood-elves' cellar?

he puts the ring on and gets the keys after the guard and the butler both fall asleep

How does Bilbo get possession of the guard's keys?

Bilbo has not thought of how he himself could escape

What is the weak spot in Bilbo's plan?

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