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-ensure food is not prepared in private home/room where people live or sleep
-ppl other than food handlers are restricted from prep storage, and dishwashing areas.If other people are allowed in these areas, steps are taken to protect food, utensils, and equipment from contamination
-maintenance and delivery workers follow food safety practices while in the operation
-staff handwashing is monitored in the operation
-the inspection of deliveries is monitored to ensure that food is received from an approved source, is received at the correct temperature and has not been contaminated
-food delivered after hours is monitored to make sure it is received from an approved source, stored in correct location, protected from contamination, and accurately presented
-Food handlers are monitored to make sure TCS food is cooked to required temperatures. ------
-Temperatures are checked using calibrated thermometers
-food handlers are monitored to make sure TCS food is cooled rapidly
-consumer advisories are posted notifying guests of the risk of ordering raw or partially cooked food
-cleaning and sanitizing procedures are monitored to make sure that sanitzer solutions are at th correct temperature and concentration and remain in contact with items for the correct amount of time
-Guests are notified when they must use clean tableware when returning to a self-service area
-staff are handling ready to eat food with utensils or single use gloves as seen in the photo at the right
-staff are trained in food safety including allergy awareness
-staff including conditional staff are reporting illnesses and symptoms of illnesses that can be transmitted through food
-food safety procedures are written down, implemented, and maintained where required by the regulatory authority