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Distance north or south of the equator
Prevailing Winds
Global winds that blow constantly from the same direction
Rain Shadow
A drier area on the leeward side of a mountain range
Ocean Current
A large volume of water flowing in a certain direction
The average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
The study of the atmosphere and weather
A mixture of gases that surrounds a planet or moon.
The Layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth - where we live and breathe. It is also where all the weather occurs.
Sea Breeze
The flow of cooler air from over an ocean or lake toward land
Land Breeze
The flow of air from land to a body of water
Air Mass
A huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height
Height above sea level or the ground
Coriolis Effect
The impact of Earth's rotation on the direction of winds and currents.
Convection Current
A current caused by the rising of heated fluid and sinking of cooled fluid - Primary method of heating the atmosphere.
Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
Amount of water vapor in the air
Tropical Zone
Warm climate zone near the equator that receives direct or nearly direct sunlight year round
Temperate Zone
Climate zones with moderate temperatures that are located between the tropics and the polar zones
Polar Zone
Cold climate zone where the sun's rays strike Earth at a very low angle
Height of land above sea level
The condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place.
The side of a mountain that the wind hits which forms clouds and produces precipitation.
The side of a mountain that is dry and receives little precipitation.
Temperature Range
The difference between high and low temperature which is impacted by the distance from a large body of water.
Arid Climate
Very dry desert climate
Temperate Climate
A Climate with Moderate Precipitation and a range of temperatures
Jet Stream
A high-speed high-altitude wind blowing from west to east across North America near the top of the Troposphere

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