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A small circular piece of DNA


altering or inserting a gene to change an organism;s traits

E. coli

What type of bacteria did we use?

4 agar plates

How many agar plates were used?

araC, GFP, bla, ori

What are the four genes present in the pGLO plasmid?

agar plates with LB broth

What type of medium did we grow E. coli on?

insert pGLO into E.coli to make it glow

What was the transformation we did in the experiment?

araC gene

protein that breaks down arabinose

GFP gene

green fluorescent protein

green fluorescent protein

WHat does GFP stand for?

bla gene

Beta lactamase protein that causes resistance to ampicillin

make the E.coli DNA more accepting of pGLO plasmid

Adding calcium chloride did what to the E.coli?

heat shock

rapid changes in temperature that cause the pores in bacteria membrane to better accept plasmid

ice, water bath, ice

What are the steps of heat shock?


on and off switch for GFP gene


If arabinose is present, GFP is expressed or not expressed?

+pGLO, LB/amo/ara

WHich agar plate glowed?

-pGLO, LB, amp

Which agar plate had no E.coli growing?


What was the control agar plate to make sure bacteria was growing?

-pGLO, LB, amp

What was the control group to make sure ampicillin was present?

jellyfish Aequorea victoria

What is the real-life source of the GFP gene

bacteria but no glow

WHat do you expect to occur in the agar plate with +pGLO, LB, amp?

bacteria and glow

WHat do you expect to occur in the agar plate with +pGLO, LB, amp, ara?


WHat do you expect to occur in the agar plate with -pGLO, LB, amp?

bacteria, no glow

WHat do you expect to occur in the agar plate with -pGLO, LB?

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