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Health 8th grade - life skills and vocab quiz

life skills
skills that help you deal with situations that can affect your health
assessing your health
evaluate each of the 4 parts of your health periodically. And assess your health behaviors
making good decisions
making choices that are healthy and responsible
being a wise consumer
read labels, compare the value and the quality of the products before buying
communicating effectively
helps you avoid misunderstandings by expressing your feelings in healthy ways
practicing wellness
being informed about good health habits is one way to do this
setting goals
aiming for something thal will give you a sense of accomplishment, be realistic
using refusal skills
a way to say no to something that you do not want to do, requires practice
dealing with problems in an effective way
evaluating media messages
being able to judge the worth of media messages is a challenge
passing down traits from a parent to a child
everything around you, including things you cannot see
someone who is the same age or is in the same grade as you and who has similar interests
a characteristic that a person has
a major source of information
the combination of a new or possibly threatening situation and your body's natural response to the situation
anything that causes a stress response
the negative physical, mental, or emotional strain in response to a stressor
positive stress
the stress response that happens when winning, succeeding and achieving
stress response
your body's reaction to a stressor
a stress hormone that increases the level of sugar in your blood and directs the "fight or flight" response
a feeling of extreme tiredness