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ARH1000 Final

Perfecting the photographic process, Louis Daguerre, in Le Boulevard du Temple, was able to include what in his photographs?
street scenes
Still images from the film Battleship Potemkin demonstrate the montage technique of which filmmaker?
Sergei Eisenstein
Which artist, best known for expanding the traditional limitations of artistic media, created TV Bra for Living Sculpture?
Nam June Paik
Eadward Muybridge's photographs, like Annie G., Cantering, Saddled, are early examples of artists
capturing an object in motion.
The techniques employed by Jerry N. Uelsmann's in photographs like Untitled can best be described as
The device invented in the sixteenth century as a means of capturing and fixing images from the natural world is called
camera obscura.
The device invented in the sixteenth century as a means of capturing and fixing images from the natural world is called
that the image could not be reproduced.
According to the artist, Nam June Paik's TV Bra for Living Sculpture attempted to
humanize technology.
D. W. Griffith was the first great master of what film process?
The first American film to fully utilize "every known trick of the filmmaker's trade," resulting in a masterful work, was
The Wizard of Oz.
Case of Bottles by the California Funk artist Robert Arneson illustrates the modeling sculptural process in which medium?
Richard Serra's The Matter of Time is
a series of installations.
Which of these processes best describes the one used by Rodin in sculpting The Burghers of Calais?
It was cast in several pieces and then welded together.
The Yoruba Display Piece produced for an oba, or king, is meant to reflect the king's power and
the power of the community's women.
What do Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty and the Great Serpent Mound have in common?
They are both earthworks.
The Greek Kouros illustrates the idea of shifting or counter positioning weight around the axis of the spine in figurative sculpture. This pose is called
Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels are generally referred to as
In Sky Cathedral the artist Louise Nevelson has combined found materials to create a sculpture. What is this process called?
Wood and stone carvings are examples of
subtractive sculpture.
When a sculpture is created by building up the form with a material such as clay, the process is called
cast sculpture.
Pliable clay is made to hold its form permanently through the process of
firing it.
The material most often associated with the process of "casting" is
Greek figurative sculpture was greatly influenced by Egyptian sculpture. What did the Greeks add?
Backs in Landscape is by which artist that helped transform the craft medium of fiber into a fine art?
Magdalena Abakanowicz.
This artist created a functional salt cellar of gold and enamel depicting the gods Neptune and Tellus
Benvenuto Cellini.
As a thrown ceramic vessel, Rose Cabat's Onion Feelie is unique because
it is shaped like a garden vegetable or gourd.
The technique of sewing buttons on to linen, used by Marilyn Lanfear in Aunt Billie, is most closely related to which of these traditional techniques?
Objects formed out of clay and then hardened by firing are referred to as
Native Americans used a traditional method for producing pots that did not involve the potter's wheel. What was it?
All fiber arts evolved from
Originally, when an artist worked in "the crafts," it meant that they
produced functional objects.
We can trace the earliest distinction between the crafts and fine arts to
Joseph Wedgwood, who in 1759 began manufacturing both cheap earthenware table settings and elegant hand-made luxury items.
The Pont du Gard, in Nîmes, France, is an excellent example of which element of architecture?
Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, is an example of which architectural style?
The International Style is a type of architecture marked by
austere geometric simplicity.
Johnson and Burgee's University of Houston, College of Architecture is said to be a postmodern building because it:
borrows from many different styles and time periods.
Gothic cathedrals, such Amiens, shared many characteristics with which earlier style of architecture?
Louis Sullivan utilized which type of construction in the late 19th century in Chicago to build increasingly tall buildings?
steel and reinforced concrete
The Seagram Building, designed by Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, is a perfect example of
the International Style.
In the Gothic period, when Notre Dame de Paris was built, architects preferred to use
pointed arches.
How did Gothic architects compensate for the lateral thrust of the cathedrals?
with flying buttresses
The Romans perfected which architectural innovation by the end of the first century BCE?
the arch
Historically, architectural styles and building techniques have been dependent upon
environment (the lay of the land and climate) and technology (available materials and the ability to manipulate them).
Which nineteenth-century building by Joseph Paxton could be considered an early example of the relationship between new technology and architecture?
the Crystal Palace
American glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany inspired which design movement?
Art Nouveau
The Bauhaus
was an influential design school in Germany.
What were the visual characteristics of art and design produced by the Dutch art group known as De Stijl?
They eliminated all colors except primaries and black and white.
The Arts and Crafts Movement was started in England by
William Morris.
Where was Constructivism developed?
In 1919, in Weimar, Germany, who founded the influential design school Bauhaus?
Walter Gropius
The figures from the Abu Temple represent worshippers from the complex society of
The She-Wolf, later adopted by Romans as a symbol of their civilization, was, until recently, thought to have been made by which culture?
the Greeks
The colossal head found in La Venta, Mexico was created by the which culture?
the Aztecs
The "Toreador" fresco was created by which culture?
the Minoans
Found in Austria, the Venus of Willendorf is most likely a
fertility figure.
The word Neolithic means
New Stone Age.
Construction of the Acropolis in Athens began about 450 BCE under the leadership of
Stonehenge in England is an example of what type of monumental stone architecture?
Classical Greek sculpture can best be described as
relaxed poses that sought to depict ideal form.
Architecture and art of the Roman Republic was heavily influenced by the building styles of which earlier culture?
the Greeks
Built by Justinian in the first half of the sixth century, what church was probably conceived as a political and religious statement?
Hagia Sophia
The medium for Theodora and her Attendants is
Djingareyber and Córdoba, while very different in style and building materials, are both typical of what kind of architecture?
The first Christian churches were patterned after basilicas used by the Romans as
public buildings.
One feature distinguishing Gothic architecture from Romanesque is the extensive use of
barrel vaulting.
By the year 500 CE, most of the western empire had been overrun by barbarian tribes from the north. What emperor attempted to restore the lost empire?
The tremendous dome of Hagia Sophia is supported by
four pendentives.
The architecture of the Gothic church was able to reach an extraordinary height through what development?
flying buttresses
Constantine took power in Rome in 312 C.E. and signed the Edict of Milan in 313 C.E. How did this change the trajectory of western culture for the next 1000 years?
it legalized Christianity, which became the dominant cultural force in Europe
Just as Christianity affected culture in the West after antiquity, what affected culture in the East, effectively spreading from India, across all of Asia, to Japan?
Whose David was the first life-size nude sculpture since antiquity?
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is thought to have had appeal to the Renaissance imagination in part because the portrait reveals
the personality of the sitter.
In School of Athens, Raphael represents the two significant schools of philosophy, signified by the portrayal of what two figures in the center of the composition?
Plato and Aristotle
The sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini created Ecstasy of St. Theresa, a centerpiece of a chapel in Rome. It is typical of which style?
The style of Burial of Count Orgaz is highly eclectic and individual. The artist is
El Greco.
The Baroque can be characterized as/by:
17th century theatrical compositions rendered in very high contrast.
The Limbourg Brothers' manuscript Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry signified the return of what, lost in art since antiquity?
"cast shadows"
In the 1330s, Petrarch conceived of a philosophy that emphasized the value of the individual and the pursuit and study of classical languages, literature, history, and philosophy. Today we call these disciplines the
Florence became a cultural center of the Renaissance in a large part due to
the number of painters living there.
Michelangelo is considered a Mannerist and High Renaissance artist. What is it about his paintings that characterize the Mannerist style?
his turbulent compositions
What did the early-Renaissance sculptor Donatello do that hadn't been done since Classical Antiquity?
he sculpted nude figures
Machu Picchu was a "getaway" for which culture's rules?
Which artist rejected modern society and painted images of "primitive" island culture such as in The Day of the Gods?
Paul Gauguin.
Rococo painting can best be characterized as
the Baroque eroticized.
Which of these paintings is an example of Neo-classical art?
David's The Death of Marat
Realism as an artistic movement in the mid-19th century refers to what?
the accurate representation of everyday life
The Arapaho Ghost Dance dress would have been worn
during a Plains Indian ritual
Angelica Kauffmann painted in which style that was based on Greek and Roman models?
Théodore Géricault's The Raft of the Medusa helped to fuel which style?
What individual chose the Neoclassical architectural style for his home?
Thomas Jefferson
What is the story behind Gericault's Raft of the Medusa?
The Medusa sunk off the coast of Africa due to the captain's incompetence and its poor survivors were adrift for days.
What is the subject matter of most Impressionist paintings?
Light itself, the way it plays across forms like architecture and landscape
Which artist, who painted Houses at L'Estaque, worked with Picasso to promote the style called Cubism?
Georges Braque.
The paintings of Giacomo Balla capture the fascination with movement characteristic of artists of which movement?
Pablo Picasso's Guernica represents an event in the
Spanish Civil War.
Using her work to struggle with the question of identity, this photographer's images are self-portraits
Cindy Sherman
Cubism can best be described as:
art that is largely based on form.
Which of these is an example of Dada art?
Marcel Duchamp's The Fountain
The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali illustrates how he looked to his subconscious (dreams, hypnosis, psychoanalysis) for his subject matter. What artistic movement is he associated with?
Henri Matisse was a leader of early 20th century artists who felt free to use color "arbitrarily" and were labeled, derogatorily, "Fauves", which translates as
"Wild Beasts"