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ap thorax & hyoid

body of sternum

middle part of sternum


s shaped bone, aka collarbone

clavicle + scapula = pectoral girdle

hyoid bone

bone protruding below the mandible

manubrium of sternum

superior portion of sternum.
articulates laterally with clavicle

sternal angle

the articulation btw the manubrium & the body of the sternum


the broad flat bone in the middle of the anterior thoracic wall

vertebral (false, floating) ribs

8-12 are false ribs because they either do not attach directly to the sternum or don't attach to the sternum at all
11-12 are floating ribs b/c they do not attach to any other rib or to the sternum

vertebrochondral (false) ribs

8-10 attach to the rib above via a costal cartilage so they are called vertebrochondral ribs

vertebrosternal (true) ribs

1-7 because they attach directly to the sternum by mean of a costal cartilage

xiphoid process

interior portion of the sternum

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