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33 terms

Georgian Alphabet

Just a set of cards that is essential to learning the amazing language that is Georgian.
A (an)
B (ban)
G (gan)
D (don)
E (en)
V (vin)
Z (zen)
T'( tan)
I (in)
K' (k'an)
L (las)
M (man)
N (nar)
O (on)
P' (p'ar)
Zh (žan)
R (rae)
S (san)
T' (t'ar)
U (un)
P (par)
K (kan)
Q' (q'ar)
Sh (šin)
Ch (čin)
Ts (can)
Dz (jil)
Ts' (c'il)
Ch' (č'ar)
Kh (xan)
J (ǰan)
H (hae)