CITC 2310-01 Advanced Net Programming


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Delegates are special types of .NET classes whose instances store
references to methods
Delegate declarations resembles ____ declarations
Delegate signatures differ from method signatures in that the delegate also includes its
return type
An instance of the delegate class is called a
when the delegate wraps more than one method, it is called a _____ delegate
The process that includes identifying an event, such as a button click as being of interest, and associating a method to be executed when the event occurs describes ____.
wiring an event
A ____ control offers the advantage of multiple selections and the opportunity to add or remove items dynamically at runtime.
Double-clicking on the ListBox control registers which default event?
One of the advantages of a ListBox object over other types of objects used for input is ____.
multiple selections can be made
SelectedItems and ____ properties can be used to retrieve items from a ListBox object.
ComboBox objects have an added feature over the ListBox controls in that ____.
ComboBox objects contain their own text box field
The default event-handler method for the ComboBox control is ____.
SelectedIndexChanged( )
You can add a shortcut to a menu by preceding one of the characters in the menu name with a(n) ____. This places an underline under the next character typed.
ampersand (&)
____ objects usually appear as small boxes that allow users to make a yes/no selection.
To create mutually exclusive options use ____.
a GroupBox object with RadioButton objects
In order for event handlers to be called using delegates, the delegate must ____.
maintain a list of the registered event handlers for the event
To have the ListBox or ComboBox Items arranged in alphabetical order ____.
set the Sorted property to true.
With a ListBox of numbers, the SelectedItem property returns ____.
an object representing the one selected.
To retrieve data from a ListBox control as string data, use the ____ property.
An added value of ComboBox objects is that compared to a ListBox object they ____.
save space on a form
You change the appearance of the tabs for a TabControl object using the ____ Collection Editor.
To retrieve multiple selections from a ListBox control, you can use all of the following properties EXCEPT ____.
The ____ class in the System.Windows.Forms namespace enables you to add more functionality to your application by offering additional user options, such as adding layers of menus.
Which of the following is one of the pre-configured dialog boxes that can be added to an application?
What is the name of the default event handler method for RadioButton and CheckBox objects?
CheckChanged( )
Which control is used for placing objects, like RadioButtons, together? This control not only offers the benefit of visual appearance, but also helps during design because you can set properties that impact all the associated objects.
With Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, ____.
a new XAML file, resembling an HTML file, is added to the solution
Which property is used with the PictureBox control to associate an actual picture to the control?
What does the following statement do?
this.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue;
sets the form color to Blue
The SelectionMode property of the ListBox object ____.
enables multiple selections to be made
How does a Windows application differ from a console-based application?
Windows applications sit in a process loop, once executed, waiting for an event to execute.
A(n) ____ is a notification from the operating system that an action, such as the user clicking the mouse or pressing a key, has occurred.
Event handlers are ____.
The front end portion of the program that the user sees and responds to is called the ____.
What are objects, such as buttons, menus, and labels, that can display and respond to user interaction, called?
Most of the classes used to develop Windows-based applications are organized in which namespace?
The class heading that is generated by Visual Studio for Windows applications includes a colon (:) following the class name. The identifier following the colon is the ____.
base class
A derived class ____ methods of another class.
Which property is used to set or get the caption of the title bar for Windows applications?
In a Windows application, Application.Run(winForm); ____.
places the application in a process loop so that it receives messages from the operating system
The field of research that concentrates on the design and implementation of interactive computing systems is called ____.
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Which of the following is an issue that you should consider and incorporate into your interfaces?
be consistent with placement of items
The top-level class used as a container to hold other controls for an application is called a ____.
In Visual Studio, the ____ window is used to view and change the design time properties and events of an object.
The preprocess directive #region can be added in the program to ____.
mark sections of code that can be expanded or collapsed.
The ____ method of the Control class sets the input focus.
Focus( )
To reduce the chances that typing errors will corrupt your solutions, a good design principle to follow is ____.
not allow users enter values that can be calculated
Probably the most commonly used control for input and output is the ____.
The method that converts all characters entered to and from their uppercase or lowercase equivalent is ____.
Double-clicking on the form when you are using the Form Designer brings up the Code Editor and also ____.
adds a form load method heading
The ____ property is used to determine whether a control is the one currently selected.
Which TextBox property can be set to enable several lines of data to be entered by the user?
Which property can be set to indicate whether text in the TextBox is read-only or not?
After a button click event is registered, the associated method is called ____.
automatically when the button is clicked.
It is important to name the button object, because once named ____.
program statements can be written to reference it.
Windows forms and controls offer a wide variety of changeable properties including ____.
Text, Color, Font, (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
The static method that stops the application and closes all of its windows is ____.
Application.Exit( )
The Form property used to set the title bar on the Windows form is ____.
Using the tools available from the FORMAT menu can greatly reduce your
development time. All of the following are menu options EXCEPT ____.
Attach to Process
A good design principle to follow when developing Windows applications is ____.
to keep data entry to a minimum