what drug is a prodrug of 5 fdump ?

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primaquine has a different mechanism of action from the other quinolines in that it generates reactive oxygen species through the metabolism of what gorup A. Ether B. amine C. piperaine D. cyanoBWhat is the tetrahydrofuran ring on posaconazole responsible for? Longer duration of action Tighter plasma protein biding increased cyp3a4 metabolism Wider spectrum of activityDnonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors cause hypersensitivity reactions through their reactions with what molecules FAD CYP GSH NADHC. GSHwhich compound is an allylamine A B C DDWhy can tipranavir be used in viruses that are resistant to other HIV protease inhibitors? A> not effluxed by P-gp B. Different mechanism of action C. taken into cells through endocytosis D. nonpeptidicNonpeptides the only one that is non peptide