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Q3_2e Unit 7 Listenings 1-2 with fill-ins


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acquire (v.)
to get or obtain something
circumstances (n.)
the conditions in which you live, especially how much money you have
complicated (adj.)
difficult to understand or deal with, because many parts or details are involved
destructive (adj.)
causing damage to people or things
dramatic (adj.)
great and sudden
get used to (phr.)
to become familiar with
immediate (adj.)
happening or done without delay
pleasure (n.)
a feeling of being happy or enjoying something
wear off (phr. v.)
to go away or decrease a little at a time
analysis (n.)
the careful examination of something
associated with (adj. + prep.)
connected to; involved with
burn out (phr. v.)
to become very tired through overwork
conduct (v.)
to do, carry out, or organize something
demonstrate (v.)
to show clearly that something exists or is true; to prove something
independence (n.)
the state of being free and not controlled by another person
outcome (n.)
a result or effect of ac action or event
persuasive (adj.)
able to make someone do or believe something
somewhat (adv.)
a little
wholly (adv.)
completely; fully
acquire (v.)
Fill-in: Where did you _____ that beautiful furniture?
complicated (adj.)
Fill-in: This puzzle is too complex and _____ for me.
dramatic (adj.)
Fill-in: I studied 5 minutes last week and 5 hours this week. It's a _____ increase!
get used to (phr.)
Fill-in: It's hard to _____ cold weather if you come from a warm country.
analysis (n.)
Fill-in: According to our _____, English is the most popular language.
associated with (adj. + prep.)
Fill-in: Smiling and laughing is _____ happiness.
burn out (phr. v.)
Fill-in: If you study too long and hard, you might _____.
outcome (n.)
Fill-in: I was sick, but I feel better after taking medicine. It's a good _____.
persuasive (adj.)
Fill-in: Advertising can be very _____ and make you want to buy something.

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