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BPS 321: Lecture 2

Principles of Pharmacology and Autonomic Pharmacology: Lecture 2 Dr. Robert Rodgers
Drug-receptor complex
What does DR(e) respresent?
Drug molecules
What does D respresent?
Total Receptors
What does R(t) respresent?
True of false: The number of drug-receptor complexes is small compared to the total number of free drug molecules.
What symbol represents the dissociation constant of the drug-receptor complexes? It is also known as the affinity constant.
True of false: The rate of association for drug-receptor complexes is greater than the rate of dissociation at equilibrium.
True of false: K(d) represents the concentration of drug necessary for that drug to bind to 50% of its available receptors
Spare receptors
A system is said to contain _____________ if a full response is reached without binding all of the receptors.
What is one example of a medication that is a partial agonist? (It's a beta-blocker)
(D x R(t)) / (D + K(d))
Fill in the equation: DR(e) = ( __ x __ ) / ( __ + __ )