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Wars of Control


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Parish Colonies
What kind of colonies were formed to provide a home for those who settled in the new world?
Midwest, Northeast and Canada
In what three regions were most of the wars for control fought in the colonies?
James Fenimore Cooper
Who wrote the Last of the Mohicans book during the Wars of Control about the fighting in the wilderness areas?
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
What is another name given for the Battle of Quebec?
Marquis Montcalm
Who was the French General who fought in the colonies?
Sir James Wolfe
Who was the main English General that fought in the colonies during the French and Indian War?
They did not like to war just to have revenge or to gain territory.
What two reasons did the Colonists want to escape the wars of contol causing them to settle in the new world?
Henry VIII
Who was king of England in 1566?
Charles V
What Hapsburg king was the most powerful at the beginning of 1566?
Catherine of Argon
Who was the first wife of Henry VIII that was the aunt/cousin of Charles V?
England went to war with the Hapsburgs
What was the result of Henry VIII's divorce from his first wife?
The Spanish Armada
What naval fleet was defeated by the British in 1588?
England became the most powerful nation in the world.
The French and Hapsburgs fight the 30 years war in Europe. What was the result of this war?
power, land, influence, and money
When England took over the shipping lanes from the Hapsburgs it gave England what four advantages?
The Dutch were jealous that the English had become the most powerful nation
Why did the Dutch-Anglo War begin?
freedom and faith
The Wars of control were not fought to rescue anyone and not fought for _____________ nor for ___________.
The War of te Grand Alliance
King William's War was also know in Europe as what?
The Sun King
What was the French King Louis XIV's nickname?
Louis hoped to gain power and land.
Why did Louis XIV ally with the Ottoman Turks during King William's War?
Hurons and Algonquins
Name the French Allies in the colonies.
Name the English Ally in the colonies.
To state that each would help the other if either went into war
Why were non-aggression treaties signed between the English and French and their allies?
In 1680, what native group began war against the Huron which drew the French into war as their ally?
Red coats
What were the British soldiers known as?
What do we call the common soldiers of the colonies during the wars of control?
It hurt the colonists most because their home was most important to them.
Why did the natives in the colonies attack the homes of the people?
The villiage was attacked and massacared by Native Americans
What happened at Schenectady, Massachusetts in 1689?
Queen Anne's War
What war lasted from 1702-1713 and was called the War of Spanish Succession in Europe?
Philip V
Who was the French leader and grandson of Louis XIV that took over 22 provinces in Spain causing war to start again with England?
56 were killed and 100 taken captive
What was the result of the 1703 attack on Deerfield, Massachusetts by the Algonquin Natives?
What word means opposite ideas?
Charleston, St. Augustine, and Pensacola
List the three cities where Pirates worked out of for the French and English in the early 1700's.
When was the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle signed that ended the War for Austrian Succession/King George's War?
When was the French and Indian War fought?
George Washington
Who was the American Militia leader who took Fort Duquesne from the French?
General Ned Braddock
Which British General is ambushed by natives during fight for Fort Duquesne?
The colonists and natives hid behind trees and attacked at night and when it would suprise the enemy. The British and Europeans attacked one at a time shooting at the other out in the open.
How was the colonists and natives way of fighting different from the British and other Europeans?
16,000 troops
In the Battle of Quebec, how many troops did the French have giving them the advantage of men?
What battle term means to use tricks when fighting?
250 feet high
The Cliff of the city of Quebec on the St. Lawrence river extended how high to keep enemies from getting in from the water side?
Scottish Highlanders
Who were the special forces the British used to scale the cliff of the City of Quebec?
The French throught these boats were French boats and allowed the British to get as close as the opposite side of the St. Lawrence River.
How did flying the French flag in the ships of General Wolfe fool the French?
British poet David Grey
Who said the original quote that Wolfe quoted to encourage his men ("The paths of glory lead to the grave.")?
The Treaty of Paris
Which treaty ended the French and Indian War in 1763?
The colonists had governed themselves for over 100 years, and now the British army began taking over many of their personal rights and made the colonists feel trapped in their new homes.
Why did the 20,000 troops left by the British in the colonies bother the colonists living in America?