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FFA is an acronym for what organization founded in 1928?
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Although purists might argue this point, organic farming and gardening systems can be sized to fit a wide range of farms both small and large.TrueLouis Bromfield a well know author and conservationist started an early example of an organic and self sustaining farm in Ohio that is still in operation today. What is the name of that farm?Malabar FarmEPA is an acronym for which of the following federal agencies?Environmental Protection AgencyRachel Carson advocated banning all synthetic pesticides.FalseWhat 1962 book by Rachel Carson brought about an environmental movement?Silent SpringThe Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 resulted in the passage of uniform organic standards.TrueIf a certified organic producer makes a decision to apply a prohibited pesticide to a field/crop that producer must notify the certifying agent any time prior to the annual inspection.FalseAs part of the application process a producer wishing to be certified must provide an organic system plan (OSP) which describes which of the following?Practices and substances used in production of cropsCertified organic producers must keep accurate post-certification records for how many years concerning the production, harvesting, and handling of agriculture products to be sold?5In the late 1980's the organic community pursued federal legislation which resulted in passing of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, which created what program?National Organic Program (NOP)What is the term for the plant process that uses energy from the sun (light energy) to convert carbon dioxide and water to other products which are stored in the plant?PhotosynthesisWhich of the following is considered an ideal pH range for most crops?5.8-6.5Which of the following is a plant required secondary Macro-Nutrient?CalciumIt is always best to add plant required nutrients to the soil based on which of the following?Soil test results and recommendationsWhich of the following is NOT true of most organic fertilizers?Balanced nutrient supply (N-P-K)Which of the following is not a Micro-Nutrient essential to plant growth?CalciumA soil with a pH of 7.0 would be considered having a neutral pH.TrueWhich of the following elements is not one of the non-mineral nutrients found in water and/or air that are essential to plant growth?HeliumA soil with a pH of 7.5 would be considered an alkaline soil.TrueHow many pounds of Nitrogen are in a 50 pound bag of 10 - 5 - 5?5Hairy vetch is considered one of the highest N-fixing plants.TrueWhich of the following groups of plants take nitrogen out of the air and soil and store it in their plant tissues?LegumesBuckwheat is a cover crop that can suppress weeds as well as add organic matter.TrueWhich of the following is not a sign of a compacted soil?Vertical CracksWhich of the following soil layers (horizons) contains organic matter, roots, bacteria, fungi and small animals?Topsoil layer or "A" horizonWhich of the following soil layers (horizons) is the zone of accumulation of leached materials?Subsoil layer or "B" horizonA healthy soil may be made up of 25% air and 25% water with the remaining 50% being mineral (45%) and organic matter (5%).TrueVery shallow rooting of plants is possibly a good indicator of which of the following soil conditions?A highly compacted soil with a very thin topsoil layerLegumes have a minimal long term effect on soil organic matter.TrueWhich of the following cover crops should be used if adding organic matter to the soil is your primary goal?Sudan GrassWhich of the following should you not add to your compost pile?Dairy ProductsThe ratio of carbon to nitrogen (C:N) in a completed compost should be 25:1 to 40:1.TrueWhich of the following manures should you not put in your compost?DogRapid decomposition in a compost bin requires a water content of between 40 and 60%.TrueThe critical temperature for killing human pathogens in a compost system is 131°F.TrueShredding all of your compost ingredients can lead to many fine particles which can decrease air flow which can result in what?Anerobic conditionsUsing too much chicken manure can possibly result in elevated levels of what nutrient?PhosphorousAn ammonia odor in a compost pile is a sign of too much what?NitrogenIf NOP procedures for composting are not followed a compost can be used in a certified organic garden as long as it is not applied within how many days of harvest for carrots?120Hog manure has the lowest carbon to nitrogen ratio among the compostable manures.TrueA genetically modified tomato was the first commercially grown food to be granted a license for human consumption. What was the name of that tomato?Flavr SavrThe most important cultural practice in tomato production is which of the following?Crop RotationWhile botanically a tomato is a fruit, legally it is considered a vegetable.TrueBlossom end rot is a problem on tomatoes caused by a lack of which of the following?CalciumWhat might you do to minimize blossom end rot?Mulch and irrigate regularlyWho is credited with bringing tomatoes to America and promoting the consumption of this fruit which he called "Love Apples"?Thomas JeffersonPeppers (Capsicum) are closely related to black pepper.FalseIf you have eaten a highly pungent pepper and are seeking relief, you should drink plenty of ice water.FalseWhat is the active ingredient in pungent peppers such as Jalapeños?CapsaicinWhich pepper listed below is the most pungent commercial pepper?Habanero