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A natural attraction; a strong feeling for. His affinity for books caused him to seek a job as an English teacher.
Equal to; equivalent. His tears were tantamount to a surrender.
Rudely bold; shameless; audacious. The teacher considered the student brazen for talking loudly while entering the class late.
One who hates mankind. The boy suspected the man was a misanthrope because he avoided human interaction at all costs.
To steal, often in violation of trust. The man purloined the lady's jewelry while housesitting for her when she was on vacation.
Strong; healthy; full bodied. Her three goals and four assists reflected her robust effort on the soccer field.
Courage; fortitude. She showed a lot of mettle by standing up to the bully.
Comfort in sorrow; relief from misfortune. She found solace in a bowl of ice cream after a long day at school.
Having a derogatory effect; insulting. The teacher reprimanded the student for his pejorative comments that made the other students feel bad.
To shorten; to cut off. The soccer game was truncated by a sudden thunderstorm.
Elegant; refined; sophisticated. James Bond made spying look cool with his high-flying adventures and urbane look.
An uneasy feeling; a misgiving; a pang of conscience. The parent had qualms about letting her daughter go to the dance with a boy who rides a motorcycle.
Clumsy; awkward; not graceful. Although she was very pretty, she was told her walk was too ungainly for her to be a model.
To speak derisively; to mock; to jeer. The mean girl scoffed at her classmate when she gave the wrong answer to the teacher's question.
Wise; showing good judgement; prudent. She could always count on her guidance counselor to give her judicious advice about surviving high school.
Bad-tempered; gruff; angry. People were avoiding the girl because she had been in a surly mood ever since she lost the basketball championships.
Active dislike; hatred; hostility. Mr. Sawyer turned down the hamburger offer because he has animosity toward mustard.
Entirely without; completely lacking; empty. The school was devoid of children on the first day of summer.
Confused; mixed up, distorted. He missed his stop on the subway because he couldn't understand the garbled speaker.
Seeming to be everywhere. The family had to pack up their picnic because the ants were ubiquitous.
To make certain; to confirm. The student who was late to class handed the teacher a note that corroborated his claim that he had been with another teacher.
A sweet or pleasing sound. The ding of the oven was a euphony to the child craving cookies.
Convincing; clear and to the point. The candidate for class president with the most cogent speech tends to make the most lasting impression on the people.
A person of great importance in a field. Andy quickly realized that working for a fashion magnate wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
Secret; done in stealth; deceptive. Realizing he forgot to put on deodorant, he surreptitiously reached into his bag and put it on when no one was looking.
Closely related; relevant. The teacher ignored the student's question because it was not germane to the lesson.
To hand down; to pass on. My mom was going to be very angry at me because I broke the china that was bequeathed to us by my grandparents.
Incapable of being conquered or subdued. It took an indomitable effort to complete the ten page review packet all in one night.
Direct opposite; contrast. The supposedly indomitable team losing to the worst team in the league was the antithesis of what everyone expected.
To branch off; to differ. Humans and monkeys diverged from a common ancestor.
Serious and solemn; straight-laced; steady. The book was very hard to get through, for the author had a staid writing style.
Barely sufficient; meager, of limited supply. Because she payed scant attention to the teacher's lesson, she had a hard time understanding the homework.
Unintentional; accidental. He inadvertently hurt his friend's feelings when trying to make a joke about his friend's taste in music.
The act of leaving; an exit. She made sure her egress was dramatic by slamming the door.
Sacred, faithful, devoted, notably religious. Posters of Justin Bieber lined her bedroom walls, for she was a pious fan of the singer.
To surrender totally; to give up resistance. After a long discussion, I finally capitulated and agreed to go get ice cream even though I really wanted to get Starbucks.
Rambling; digressive. The teacher declared that she would not let us have open discussions in class anymore because our last one was so discursive.
Watchful; cautious; careful; discreet. She was circumspect upon entering the restaurant where her ex-boyfriend works occasionally.
A ruler with absolute power; a tyrant or oppressor. Lots of players were contemplating quitting the soccer team because the coach acted like a despot and never took any suggestions.
Likely to occur at any moment; overhanging. When dark clouds started rolling in, we knew a storm was imminent.
To involve in a conflict. Although I tried my hardest to avoid it, I still became embroiled in the drama between my two friends when they started forcing me to pick sides.
Absurdly exaggerated; imposing in concept or execution. She didn't win for class president because no one believed that she could fulfill her many grandiose plans such as turning the school library into a Starbucks.
To damage; to impair, to spoil. My performance at the talent show was marred by the screams of a crying baby in the audience.
Cheap and showy; shameful and indecent. The parents were rather disappointed to find that their children had spent all of their money on tawdry souvenirs from the airport gift shop.
Firmly set in purpose; determined. He was on the treadmill at 6am everyday, for he was resolute in sticking to his fitness regimen.
Overly dramatic; deliberately affected or emotional. The girl's histrionic reaction to a spider on her seatbelt caused her dad to pull over to see what was wrong.
To openly disregard or defy. The new driver's dad warned his child to never flout the laws of the road or else he could get his license taken away.
To grow together; to unite; to join together; to blend. The students of Concord and Carlisle middle schools coalesce in 9th grade at CCHS.
To avoid; to turn away; to ward off. The parents told their children to avert their eyes from the movie, for a gruesome scene was about to occur.
Abrupt in manner, rough, rude. Due to the brusque manner of the man working at the bookstore, I decided to purchase the 4th Harry Potter book off of Amazon, instead.
Detestable; deplorable; blameworthy. The student was suspended for his reprehensible behavior at the school assembly.
To flow out; to issue forth; to originate; to emit. A pleasant scent emanated from the cookies baking in the oven.
Skillful, nimble, quick. The pianist's deft fingers danced across the keys as she played her piece.
Extraordinary in size, amount, or extent. The man sighed as he gazed down his snow-covered driveway, for shoveling it was going to be a prodigious task.
To confine, to restrain. Her ability to hangout with her friends over the weekend was fettered by a lab report due Monday.
To excite, arouse, or provoke. The speaker's provocative opening statement piqued his interest.
Not genuine; counterfeit. She suspected the designer bag was spurious, for it was only $30.
To speak ill of, to defame, to slander. The celebrity was vilified on social media for an unfriendly comment she made to a fan.
Dull, uninteresting, lacking taste. Due to its predictable storyline and bland characters, the movie was the director's most insipid offering in years.
Frenzied; wildly excited. Times Square on New Years Eve grows more and more frenetic as it gets closer to midnight.
Lacking in proper seriousness; frivolously disrespectful. His flippant response to the teacher's question suggested he did not take the class very seriously.
Very generous; liberal in giving. Her munificent donation to the school library allowed the librarians to buy all new bookcases.
To beg or plead in a demeaning way; to humble oneself in apologizing or showing respect. The student groveled to her teacher to try to get the teacher to raise her grade.
A defensive wall; a strong support. My dad built a bulwark around the vegetable garden to stop the deer from eating his cabbage.
To set apart; to remove from view. On the weekends, she enjoys sequestering herself in her bed under many blankets and watching netflix.
A large, disastrous fire; a conflict. The high winds and dry conditions turned the campfire into a conflagration that destroyed the campsite.
In poor taste; not appropriate; unbecoming. His unseemly gesture in front of the teacher got him a trip to the principal's office.
Stern or cold in appearance or manner; severe, forbidding. The teacher's austere manner made the students hesitant to approach her for help.
To weigh down, to burden, to impede. The group's ability to complete the project was encumbered by a group member who could not stay on task.
Eager to fight; combative. The pugnacious toddler was kicked out of the preschool for punching five kids in two days.
Stubborn, unmanageable; hard to work with. Bob's intractable roommate refused to turn off his music while Bob was trying to write a paper.
Lacking culture; smugly narrow-minded. Ricky Bobby earned a lot of money, but he never grew out of his philistine ways.
A person who lives in seclusion, a shut-in. She lived like a recluse and didn't leave the desk in her room during the weekend before final exams.
To sharpen, to stimulate, to make eager. The tropical photos on Google Earth whet her appetite to travel to the Caribbean.
To make impossible; to prevent the occurrence of. He drank a lot of water before the race to preclude the chance of him getting dehydrated.
Weariness of body or mind; lazy indifference. Students displayed tremendous lassitude on the Monday morning after the Super Bowl.
A natural inclination or tendency. She often stayed up very late doing homework, for she had a propensity to procrastinate.
Known or understood by a special few; secret. She had a hard time finding people to go to the concert with her because the band performing was so arcane.
Action promoting a rebellion; incitement to rebel. Some governments strictly censor tv and internet content in order to prevent sedition.
To meditate on; to ponder; to think over. The clients on Love it or List It are given some time to ruminate over their options before making a final decision.