16 terms

CPO - Chapter 1 Physical Sci.

the amount of matter an object contains
a push, pull, or any action which has the ability to change motion
everything that has mass and takes up space
phases of matter
the different forms matter can take; solid, liquid, and gas
chemical change
a chemical change transforms one kind of matter into another kind which may have different properties
the amount of space between two points
astronomical unit (AU)
the distance between Earth and the Sun
light year
the distance light travels in one year
natural laws
the set of rules that are obeyed by every detail of everything that occurs in the universe
a process of learning that starts with questions and proceeds by seeking the answers to the questions
to figure something out from known facts using logical thinking
a scientific explanation supported by much evidence collected over a long period of time
an unproved or preliminary explanation that can be tested by comparison with scientific evidence. An educated guess of how you think two variables are related
scientific method
a process of learning that begins with a hypothesis and proceeds to prove or change the hypothesis by comparing it with scientific evidence
describes evidence that documents only what actually happened as exactly as possible
describes evidence that can be seen independently by others if they repeat the same experiment or observation in the same way