CNT100 Chapter 5 Review Questions

An IPv6 address is made up of how many bits?
The subnet mask of an IP address does which of the following?
Defines network and host portions of the IP address
If a protocol is routable, which TCP/IP layer does it operate at?
Which of the following is a private IP address and can't be routed across the internet?
Which TCP/IP model layer takes a large chunk of data from the Application layer and breaks it into smaller segments?
Which of the following protocols resolves logical addresses to physical addresses?
Which of the following protocols provides connectionless services?
IP and UDP
If you want to design an Application-layer protocol that provides fast efficient communication and doesn't work with large amounts of data, what Transport-layer protocol would you design it to use.
Which of the following is the term for identifying packets used by TCP to establish a connection?
Three-Way Handshake
What is the term for each grouping of 8 bits in an IP address?
When using TCP/IP, which of the following must computers on the same logical network have in common?
-Subnet Mask
-Network ID
Which of the following IPv6 features is an enhancement to IPv4?
-Larger Address Space
-Built-In Security
Which protocol can configure a computer's IP address and subnet mask automatically?
How many bits must be reallocated from the host ID to network ID to create 16 subnets?
For the Class C network address, which if the following subnet masks provides 32 subnets?
How many host bits are necessary to assign addresses to 62 hosts?
Which IP addressing process enables workstations to use private IP addresses to access the internet
When a Windows computer is configured to use DHCP but no DHCP server is available, what type of address is configured automatically for it?
Which of the following represents a valid IPv6 address?
2001::345::abcd::BEEF::44 (0 are not represented in an IPv6 address)
Which of the following is a reason to subnet?
-Networks can be divided into logical groups
-Subnetting can decrease the size of broadcast domains
Which of the following Application layer protocols typically uses the UDP Transport-layer protocol?
Which is the correct order of headers, from left to right, in a completed frame?
Frame, IP, UDP
Which of the following is a task performed by the Network Access Layer?
-Verifes that incoming frames have the correct destination MAC address
- Transmits and receives bit signals
What field of the IP header does the tracert program use to get the IP address of routers in the path?
Which of the following is not found in a connectionless Transport-Layer protocol?
-Three-Way Handshake