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Things you wish you could have, but you sadly you don't. so sorry.


Necessary wants
aka: food, shelter, clothes
yup. that's about it.


Physically weighed or measured
edible. (clothes can be edible, but I don't like the taste of fabric. some do)


Tasks that people/machines preform. If you don't get paid, it's called free labor~ or if you are in school, its called volunteerism


Anything people can use for anything else. And I mean anything.


An action that takes place when someone takes sales/ business away from something else. (also known as outstanding marketing)


The action that takes place when something/ someone seeks profit by providing things to other things. (inanimate or not, managers choice)


An action that means gaining anything.


Things that take away from other things....stealing?


Someone/ something that gives stuff away to other things.

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