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  1. Cribriform plate
  2. Blood vascular system
  3. Anatomical position
  4. Anatomical guidd
  5. Ecchymosis (bruise)
  1. a discoloration of the skin caused by the escape of blood within the tissues; generally accompanied by swelling.
  2. b the body is erect, feet together, palms facing forward, and thumbs are pointed away from the body.
  3. c thin, medial portion of the ethmoid bone of the skull
  4. d circulatory network composed of the heart, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins.
  5. e descriptive references for locating arteries and veins by means of anatomical structures which are known.

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  1. dead human body used for medical purposes including transplantation, anatomical dissection and study.
  2. excess loss of blood.
  3. device used to fasten the calvarium to the cranium after a cranial autopsy.
  4. removal of the eye for tissue transplantation, research, and education.
  5. self-contained, soft rubber and manual pump designed to create pressure to deliver fluid as it passes through one-way valves located within the bulb. It is used only to deliver fluids; it cannot be used for aspiration.

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  1. Cellular deathdeath of the individual cells of the body.


  2. Febrilecharacterized by a high fever, causing dehydration of the body.


  3. Excisionto remove as by cutting out; the area from which something has been cut out.


  4. Biological deathphase of somatic death lasting from 5-6 minutes during which life may be restored.


  5. Decaycomposition of proteins by enzymes of aerobic bacteria; aerobic proteolysis