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  1. Electric spatula
  2. Discoloration
  3. Corneal sclera button
  4. Autoclave
  5. Capillaries
  1. a Apparatus used for sterilization by steam pressure, usually at 250°F (120°C) for a specific time.
  2. b minute blood vessels, the walls of which comprise a single layer of endothelial cells. Capillaries connect the smallest arteries (arteriole) with the smallest veins (venule) and are where pressure filtration occurs.
  3. c that portion of the cornea recovered for transplantation in situ.
  4. d any abnormal color in or upon the human body.
  5. e an electrically-heated blade used to dry moist tissues, reduce swollen tissues, and restore contour to natural form

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  1. self-destruction of cells; decomposition of all tissues by enzymes of their own formation without microbial assistance.
  2. Dyes that help to cover internal discolorations such as jaundice.
  3. in the absence of free oxygen.
  4. irreversible somatic death
  5. passage of some components of the injected embalming solution from an intravascular to an extravascular location; movements of the embalming solutions from the capillaries into the interstitial fluids.

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  1. Blunt dissectionplace of union between two or more bones.


  2. Algor mortispostmortem cooling of the body due to the surrounding temperature.


  3. Eye enucleation discolorationremoval of the eye for tissue transplantation, research, and education.


  4. Buccal cavitydome-like superior portion of the cranium; that portion removed during cranial autopsy.


  5. Center of venous drainagedrainage procedure that limits the exposure of the embalmer to the drainage. Tubing is attached to a drain tube allowing drainage to flow directly from a vein into a sanitary disposal system; tubing may also be attached to a trocar and aspirator allowing drainage to be taken from the right atrium of the heart to the sanitary disposal system.