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  1. Asepsis
  2. Angular Spring Forceps
  3. Concurrent disinfection
  4. Anatomical guidd
  5. Arterial (vascular) fluid
  1. a the concentrated, preservative, embalming chemical that will be diluted with water to form the arterial solution for injection into the arterial system during vascular embalming. The purpose is for inactivating saprophytic bacteria and rendering the body tissues less susceptible to decomposition.
  2. b multipurpose instrument used in the embalming process.
  3. c descriptive references for locating arteries and veins by means of anatomical structures which are known.
  4. d freedom from infection and form any form of life; sterility.
  5. e disinfection practices carried out during the embalming process.

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  1. governmental agency with environmental protection regulatory and enforcement authority.
  2. cell-containing fluid that circulates through the blood vascular system and is composed of approximately 22% solids and 78% water.
  3. movement of embalming solutions from the point of injection throughout the arterial system and into the capillaries.
  4. separation of substances in solution by the difference in their rates of diffusion through a semipermeable membrane
  5. fluid used primarily to supplement and enhance the action of vascular (arterial) solutions.

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  1. Aerobicin the presence of free oxygen


  2. Boil (furuncle)acute, deep-seated inflammation in the skin, which usually begins as a subcutaneous swelling in a hair follicle.


  3. Eyecapa thin, dome-like shell made of hardened cloth, metal, or plastic placed beneath eyelids to restore natural curvature and to maintain the position of posed eyelids.


  4. Agglutination (Congealing)points of origin and points of termination in relation to adjacent structures; used to designate the boundaries of arteries.


  5. Autolytic Enzymeself-destruction of cells; decomposition of all tissues by enzymes of their own formation without microbial assistance.