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  1. Embalming analysis (Case analysis)
  2. Corneal sclera button
  3. Coroner
  4. Environment
  5. Clinical death
  1. a that portion of the cornea recovered for transplantation in situ.
  2. b official of a local community who holds inquests concerning sudden, violent, and unexplained deaths.
  3. c phase of somatic death lasting from 5-6 minutes during which life may be restored.
  4. d surroundings, conditions, or influences that affect an organism or the cells within an organism.
  5. e Consideration given to the dead body prior to,during and after the embalming procedure is completed; documentation is recommended.

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  1. irreversible cessation of all vital functions; (nonlegal definition)
  2. an agonal or postmortem redistribution of host microflora on a hostwide basis.
  3. governmental agency with environmental protection regulatory and enforcement authority.
  4. accumulation of serous fluids in the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity.
  5. that pressure indicated by the injector gauge needle when the arterial tube is open and the arterial solution is flowing into the body.

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  1. Asphyxiainsufficient intake of oxygen resulting from numerous causes.


  2. Extrinsicto remove as by cutting out; the area from which something has been cut out.


  3. Aerobicto bluntly adjoin another structure; for example, the line of eye closure


  4. Contaminatedthe presence or the reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infections materials on an item or surface.


  5. Carcinogen (Carcinogenicity)a cancer-causing chemical or material.