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  1. Boil (furuncle)
  2. Atheroma
  3. Anterior
  4. Bactericidal agent
  5. Capillary permeability
  1. a agent that destroys bacteria.
  2. b acute, deep-seated inflammation in the skin, which usually begins as a subcutaneous swelling in a hair follicle.
  3. c before or in front of; an anatomical term of position and direction which denotes the front or forward part.
  4. d fatty degeneration or thickening of the walls of the larger arteries occurring in atherosclerosis.
  5. e ability of substances to diffuse through capillary walls into the tissue spaces.

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  1. direct treatment, other than vascular (arterial) injection, of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera; usually accomplished by aspiration and injection of chemicals using a trocar.
  2. smooth, rounded articular process on a bone.
  3. Plastic garment designed to cover the body from the chest down to the upper thigh
  4. movement of embalming solutions from the point of injection throughout the arterial system and into the capillaries.
  5. a common name for a triglyceride ester that is semisolid or solid at room temperature and contains a high percentage of saturated fatty acids.

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  1. Dyecoloring agent; substances which will, upon being dissolved, impart a definite color to the embalming solution; dyes are classified as to their capacity to permanently impart color to the tissue of the body into which they are injected.


  2. AutoclaveApparatus used for sterilization by steam pressure, usually at 250°F (120°C) for a specific time.


  3. Dehydrationloss of moisture from a body tissue which may occur antemortem or postmortem the removal of water from a substance.


  4. Bloodcell-containing fluid that circulates through the blood vascular system and is composed of approximately 22% solids and 78% water.


  5. Congealingtransparent part of the tunic of the eyeball that covers the iris and pupil and admits light into the interior.


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