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  1. Calvarium clamp
  2. Bactericidal agent
  3. Bischloromethyl ether/BCME
  4. Center of venous drainage
  5. Concurrent drainage
  1. a right atrium of the heart.
  2. b agent that destroys bacteria.
  3. c a carcinogen potentially produced when formaldehyde and sodium hypochlorite come into contact with each other; normally occurs only in a controlled laboratory setting and requires a catalyst.
  4. d device used to fasten the calvarium to the cranium after a cranial autopsy.
  5. e method of drainage in which drainage occurs continuously during vascular (arterial) injection.

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  1. fluid used primarily to supplement and enhance the action of vascular (arterial) solutions.
  2. tube used to inject embalming fluid into the body vascular system.
  3. product of decomposition of fats.
  4. application of chemical reagents in the treatment of disease in humans, causing an elevated preservation demand.
  5. rendered thoroughly dry; exhausted of moisture.

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  1. Diffusion (arterial solution)passage of some components of the injected embalming solution from an intravascular to an extravascular location; movements of the embalming solutions from the capillaries into the interstitial fluids.


  2. Cremated remainsfatty degeneration or thickening of the walls of the larger arteries occurring in atherosclerosis.


  3. Anatomical positionthe body is erect, feet together, palms facing forward, and thumbs are pointed away from the body.


  4. Antecubitalin front of the elbow/in the bend of the elbow.


  5. Coronerofficial of a local community who holds inquests concerning sudden, violent, and unexplained deaths.