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  1. alegrarse
  2. contar
  3. ayudar
  4. tratar
  5. negarse
  1. a de, to try to
  2. b con, to count on
  3. c a, to help (to)
  4. d de, to be glad to
  5. e a, to refuse to

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  1. de, to remember to (about)
  2. de, to have just
  3. en, to consist of
  4. con, to dream about
  5. de, to realize

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  1. encargarsede, to take charge (care) of


  2. confiaren, to trust


  3. atreversede, to find out about


  4. acostumbrarsecon, to meet up with


  5. casarseen, to notice


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