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(verb) formally put an end to systems, practice or institution
-Syn. terminate
-Ant. create
The U.S. ----- slavery by the constitutional amendment.
(verb) renounce one's throne, undertake responsibility
-Syn. resign
-Ant. accept, take on
The princess became queen after her older sister decided to ----- the throne.
(verb) set or declare someone free from blame, guilt, or responsibility
-Syn. forgive
-Ant. blame
The juries innocent decision appears to ----- the suspect of any guilt.
(verb) accept something reluctantly but without protest
-Syn. submit
-Ant. refuse
The principal decided to ----- and let the students have a pizza party.
(verb) make minor changes in order to make it fairer or more accurate/up to date
-Syn. modify
-Ant. destroy
We learned that Congress has the right to ----- the constitution under certain conditions.
(adj.) based on random choices or personal choice rather than any reason or system
-Syn. unreasoned
-Ant. reasoned
In spite of the cold weather, we made an ----- trip to the beach.
(verb) find something out for certain; make sure of
-Syn. determine, confirm
-Ant. disprove
Because I'm not a good liar, most people usually find it easy to ----- when I'm being dishonest.
1. expression of approval or agreement
2. expression of approval- typically official
-Syn. agreement, approval
-Ant. refusal
When I told Tom I would never ----- to a divorce, he ran out of the house.
(adj.) required by law or a rule
-Syn. obligatory, mandatory, required
-Ant. optional, prohibited
It is ----- that people show identification before being allowed to board an airplane.
(verb) obtain something; to get
-Syn. obtain
-Ant. give
In our town, most of the citizens ----- their salary from other jobs.
(verb) regard or represent as being of little worth; belittle
-Syn. undervalue
-Ant. praise
You ----- my sister by saying he is worthless?
(noun) a system of ideas and ideals especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy
-Syn. beliefs, ideals
-Ant. ------
If you do not agree with our -----, you will be excommunicated from the group.
(adj) unable to be take away from or given away by the possessor
-Syn. nontransferable
-Ant. impermanent
"Because women wanted the same ----- rights that men had, they protested in large numbers."
(adj.) well known for some bad deed/quality
-Syn. disreputable
-Ant. respected
Because of the winter ice, the back roads are ----- I suggest you stick to the highways on your trip.
1. something that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist
2. required before something else can happen
-Syn. a requirement, necessary
-Ant. unnecessary
Drivers ed. class is a ----- to the drivers' ed. exam.
(verb) formally forbid by law, rule, or other authority
-Syn. forbid, ban
-Ant. permit
The ----- made by the school restricts phones.
(verb) forbid, especially by law
-Syn. disallow, criticize
-Ant. allow, accept
"The policies of the school district ----- accessing social media websites on school computers."
(noun) a consequence of an action or event especially when complex or unwelcome
-Syn. effect, outcome
-Ant. cause
Alex was shocked when he learned the ----- of his cheating was immediate expulsion from the school.
(noun) morally correct behavior or thinking
-Syn. righteousness, virtue
-Ant. immorality
Dylan's ----- stopped him from lying to the police about what he did.
(verb) remedy or set right; rectify
-Syn. correct, remedy
-Ant. damage
Kate demanded ----- from the company when her dress was ripped when it came.
(verb) voluntarily cease to keep or claim
-Syn. renounce, give up, hand over
-Ant. keep
"If you ----- your right to an attorney, it could lead to some serious difficulty when you go before the judge."
1. king or queen who is the supreme ruler or a country
2. possessing supreme power
3. in terms of a country or government, fully independent
-Syn. ruler, absolute
-Ant. servant, colonized
The ----- ruler of England shows a great deal of power.
(adj.) lasting only for a short time
-Syn. temporary, short-lived
-Ant. permanent
The snow is ----- and will melt as soon as the sun shows up.
(adj.) present, appearing or found everywhere
ex: iPhones, uniforms
-Syn. pervasive
-Ant. rare
Since my cousin loves the color purple, she made sure it was ----- during her wedding.
(adj.) spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people
-Syn. permeating, pervasive
-Ant. rare
The media's ----- coverage of the terrorist attracts has most people concerned.
(verb) take a position of power or importance illegally or by force
-Syn. supplant
-Ant. release
"After the king dies, his brother will ----- the throne from the prince."
1. to regard something as being caused by (someone or something)
2. to ascribe a work or remark
-Syn. ascribe
-Ant. discredit
He ---- his success to hard work.
1. to make someone feel annoyed or frustrated
-Syn. irritate
-Ant. delight
If you attempt to ---- the dog by pulling his tail, he is sure to bite you!
1. disrespectful or scornful, ridicule or mockery
-Syn. insult
-Ant. kindness
His opinion on gun control drew ---- from the peacemaker.
1. very strong disapproval, typically on moral grounds
-Syn. approval, support
-Ant. disapproval
I lied about failing my test because I did not want to experience my parents' ----.
1. to make an unpleasant feeling less intense
2. to satisfy an appetite or desire
-Syn. relieve
-Ant. intensify
I did what I could to ---- my guilt.
1. to make suffering, deficiency, or a problem less severe
-Syn. reduce
-Ant. aggravate
I will take an aspirin to ---- my headache.
1. to make or declare (something) sacred, religious purpose
-Syn. sanctify, bless
-Ant. denounce
During the baptismal ceremony, the priest will ---- the baby to Christianity.
1. to make or declare (something) sacred; dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose
-Syn. dishonor
-Ant. consecrate
Do not ---- the church by speaking loudly during the service.
1. to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs, to brainwash
-Syn. brainwash
-Ant. forget, learn
The leader will ---- his followers with his beliefs.
1. to stop; to put an end to something
-Syn. end
-Ant. begin
The speaker tapped the microphone to ---- the noise in the auditorium.
1. to withdraw formally from (an alliance, or a political or religious organization)
-Syn. withdraw
-Ant. join
When the southern states decided to ---- from the nation, the United States was set for a civil war.
1. to bring under domination or control
-Syn. conquer, crush
-Ant. liberate
When the Americans, they tried to ---- the natives and turn them into slaves.
1. to undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution)
-Syn. sabotage, damage
-Ant. strengthen
The dictator ordered the execution of every person who fought to ---- his authority.
1. refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind
-Syn. resolved
-Ant. flexible
He is so ---- in his beliefs that no one can change his mind!
1. the act of taking something for one's own use (typically without permission)
2. a sum of money or total of assets devoted to a special purpose
-Syn. confiscation, appropriation
-Ant. keeping
The school board is responsible for managing the ---- of millions of dollars in funds for student use.
1. courtesy and considerate behavior toward others, alliance
2. an association of nations for their mutual benefit
-Syn. alliance
-Ant. dislike
The ---- of the nations came up with an agreement.
1. strange or odd; unusual
2. belonging exclusively to, particular to
-Syn. weird, characteristic of...
-Ant. ordinary
My ---- sister has twenty-three dogs.
1. lasting or existing for a long or infinite time
-Syn. abiding
-Ant. short-lived
The ---- garden blooms every spring.
1. a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one
-Syn. cliff, height
-Ant. valley, field
When the artist cut off his hand, everyone knew he had gone past the ---- of insanity.
1. cloudy
-Syn. murky, cloudy
-Ant. clear
I will not drink the ---- water because I cannot see through it.
1. honored as holy; greatly revered or respected
-Syn. sacred, blessed, honored
-Ant. unholy
We stood near the ---- ground where the people had died, not daring to step too close.
1. covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint
2. wealthy and privileged
3. given a specious or false brilliance to
syn. gold-plated, embellished, exaggerated, disguised, dressed up
ant.: stripped, bare
The dress was -----, the sleeves were dangling with golden leafs.
1. superficially plausible, but actually wrong
2. misleading in appearance; especially misleadingly attractive
syn. misleading, deceptive, spurious
ant. unambiguous, genuine
The robber gave the police a ----- excuse as to why he was in the building.
not being what it purports to be; false or fake
syn. fake, false, counterfeit, fraudulent, misleading, specious
ant. genuine
My parents made a ----- promise to take me shopping, but they only said that so I would do my chores.
1. (Adj.)only happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step
2. (noun + adj.) favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas; favoring or promoting change or innovation
syn. continuing, continuous, increasing, growing, developing, ongoing, accelerating
ant. conservative, reactionary
Amazon has been a ----- business, first only selling a few items to selling almost everything.
1. take in information, ideas, or culture and understand fully, make them one's own
2. absorb and integrate people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture
syn. integration
ant. rejection, alienation
A new student has to ----- to the new school.
persistent, sometimes to the point of annoyance
syn. tenacious, unrelenting
ant. weak, irresolute
The ----- girl would not stop touching me, so I had to leave because I was becoming annoyed.
1. policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants
2. a return to or emphasis on traditional or local customs, in opposition to outside influences
Because Lily favors the concept of -----, she only works with local citizens.
elaborate display or ceremony
syn. spectacle, splendor, pomp
ant. simplicity, austerity
Megan and Harry love the ----- and tradition of the Royal Family.
1. support given by a patron (a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity)
2. power to control appointments to office or the right to privileges
syn. sponsorship, backing, funding,
Many people went to Elizabeth's NHD exhibit to show ----- for her hard work.
1. political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people
2. belief in and concern for the views of ordinary people
----- is a belief followed by ordinary people.
syn. doctrine
remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree
syn. immense, tremendous, exceptional
ant. small, unexceptional
The ----- painting took up the whole wall in the museum.
behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others
syn. arrogant, haughty, pompous, conceited
ant. humble, modest, unpretentious
The ----- queen demands special treatment for being pretty.
an award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit; an expression of praise or admiration

synonym: honor, award, tribute, commendation, praise, kudos
antonym: contempt, shame, dishonor, condemnation
(adj.)(n., a ---- person)
familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures; having an exciting or glamorous character associated with travel and a mixture of cultures

synonym: worldly, international, cultivated, cultured, sophisticated
antonym: homespun, rustic, unsophisticated, unrefined
arrogantly superior and disdainful

synonym: supercilious, conceited, snobbish
antonym: humble
a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force
thin, supple, and graceful

(often used to describe a person's body or movements -- a ballet dancer)

synonym: agile, nimble, deft, limber
antonym: clumsy, rigid
of or about war; warlike

synonym: militaristic, combative, bellicose, pugnacious, belligerent, aggressive
antonym: peaceful, pacifistic, civil
act of preparing and organizing troops for active service (warfront)

act of organizing and encouraging people to act in a particular way in order to bring about a particular objective; act of bringing resources into use in order to achieve a particular goal (homefront)

Can be used to describe people both on the warfront and the homefront -- mobilizing troops or mobilizing volunteers and citizens.

synonym: deployment, incitement
antonym: inaction
patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts

(often an extreme patriotism to the point of feeling superior to other countries)

synonym: patriotism, jingoism (jingoism = extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy)
near (adj. and adv.) or almost (adv.)
a low protective wall along the edge of a roof, bridge, or balcony
a protective wall or earth defense along the top of a trench or other place for the concealment of troops

synonym: balustrade, barricade, rampart, bulwark, embankment, bastion
antonym: opening
verb: shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion
noun: a shake or tremble in a person's voice

synonym: tremble, waver, quiver
antonym: steady/steadiness, firmness
grimly mocking or cynical

synonym: satirical, sarcastic, derisive, caustic
antonym: sincere, kind
conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or sovereign

synonym: subversion, provocation, insurrection, mutiny, insurgence
antonym: submission, obedience