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  1. semantic feature analysis
  2. semantic maps
  3. word consciousness
  4. word sort
  5. etymology
  1. a the origin and history of words
  2. b graphic representations of relationships among words and phrases in written materials
  3. c catergorization activities that involve classifing words into categories
  4. d a technique in which the presence or absence of particular features in the meaning of a word is indicated through symbols on achart, making it possible to compare word meanings
  5. e having awareness of and interest in words and word meanings

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  1. a noun or pronoun placed beside another noun or pronoun to identify or describe it
  2. Clues in surrounding text that help the reader determine the meaning of an unknown word.
  3. Writing or speech that is not intended to carry literal meaning and is usually meant to be imaginative and vivid.
  4. classification into related groups
  5. words that have similar meanings

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  1. similea comparison using like or as


  2. analogieswords that have opposite meanings


  3. morphemesThe smallest units of meaning in a language.


  4. euphemismThe smallest units of meaning in a language.


  5. homophoneswords that have the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciations