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The study of the form and structure of an organism.


The study of the processes of living organisms, or why and how they work


The study of how disease occurs and the responses of living organisms to disease processes.


The basic substance of all life.


The basic unit of structure and function in all living things.

Cell membrane

The outer protective covering of the cell.


A semi-fluid inside the cell.


Or cell structure that helps a cell to function, are located in the cytoplasm.


A mass in the cytoplasm often called the brain


Located inside the nucleus, and important in cell reproduction.


Located in the nucleus and made of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and protein,


Located in the cytoplasm and near the nucleus.


Rod-shaped organelles located throughout the ctyoplasm.

Golgi apparatus

A stack of membrane layers located in the cytoplasm.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

A fine network of tubular structures located in the cytoplasm.


Oval or round bodies found throughout the cytoplasm.

Pinocytic Vesicles

Pocketlike folds in the cell membrane


A form of asexual reproduction by which cells divide into two identical cells.


The process of cell division that occurs in gametes, or sex cells (ovum and spermatozoa.


A group of similar cells that join together to perform a particular function.


Insufficient amounts of fluid in the tissues.


Swelling; excess amount of fluid in the tissues.

Epithelial Tissue

Tissue that forms the skin and parts of the secreting glands, and that lines the body cavities.

Connective Tissue

Body tissue that connects, supports, or binds body organs.

Nerve Tissue

Body tissue that conducts or transmits impulses throughout the body.

Muscle tissue

Body tissue composed of fibers that produce movement.


Body part made of tissues that have joined together to perform a special function.


A group of organs and other parts that work together to perform a certian function.

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