27 terms

Art Ch. 2

something that has great value in our society
Why do ppl make art?
To create places for some human purpose
Maya Lin
created the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982
textile that is woven in hundreds of patterns used for ceremonial occasions; from west africa
"lord of dance'; represents apocalypse and creation as he dances away the illusionary world of Maya, transforming it into power and enlightenment
Starry Night
created by Vincent van Gogh; expressed his belief that ppl journey to a star after death
"Poppy Flowers" or "Vase with Flowers"
was stolen from a cairo museum on August 20, 2010; this painting (12 by 12) is worth $50 million; painted in 1887, just 3 yrs before his suicide; painting was also stolen in 1978 and found in Kuwait
the highest amount of money van gogh was ever paid for one of his paintings
Mona Lisa
was created by Leonardo da Vinci
100 Cans
created by Andy Warhol
the branch of philosophy that studies art, also the nature of beauty
Grotesque Old Woman
also called "Ugly Duchess"; by Quentin Massys (1525-1530)
First Communion
(1895-96); a representational piece of art; Picasso wanted to present again the visible world so we would recognize it; because it is true to form, light and shadow, it is known as naturalistic
Seated Woman Holding a Fan
(1908); an abstract piece of art; Picasso selected certain aspects of what he saw and then simplified or exagerrated, taking something to its simplest form
Trompe l'oeil
French for "fool or trick the eye"; used as far back as the classical period (ancient Greeks); classical pillars and stonework were carried out for it
Escaping Criticism
example of trompe l'oeil; by del Caso
Found Art
art made from an already existing object; ex: the fountain (urinal) by Marcel Duchamp and signed by R MUTT
representational art that conforms to a preset style (Egyptian art)
Nonrepresentational Art
art that has no resemblance to any real object
a characteristic that we can recognize bc we see it repeatedly; is basically what distinguished artists (Andy Warhol)
what the interpretation of the viewer has based on 4 terms
the way a work of art looks; includes all visual aspects
what it is about; Matisse - "Music Lesson"; pleasure of music; WE interpret the form to this
Subject Matter
objects or events the work depicts
"describing images"; Birth of Venus - Botticelli
ties that bind the work of art to its creator; some art was not made to just sit in a museum
Installation Art
space is presented as a work of art that can be entered, explored, experiences, and reflected upon