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a perceived difference between a demand placed upon a person and his or her ability to handle it or previous experience in coping with it
a stress-pounding event or situation
stress reaction
the body's response to a stressor
results from acute anxiety or pressure
a positive form of stress, results from the striving and challenges that arise in life
approach-approach conflict
individual must choose between two attractive alternatives
avoidance-avoidance conflict
when there are two unattractive alternatives
approach-avoidance conflict
when the same goal has both positive and negative qualities
double approach-avoidance
two or more alternatives, each with both attractive and unattractive aspects
death of spouse
according to the findings of Holmes and Rahe, the most stressful event in one's life is the
role ambiguity
arises when a worker is unclear about what is expected of him or her
role conflict
occurs when the worker is forced to do things that are either beyond the scope of the job description or are disliked by the worker
stimulus overload
Milgram's term for the bombardment of inputs in urban living
crying is an example of an inborn ______ response to stress
the human body is a _______ organism
regardless of the stressor, the body reacts with immediate
_______ enables the body to use energy more quickly
identified three stages of stress reactions
the mobilization for "fight or flight" is the ____ stage of stress
the stage of stress where people intensify their efforts to cope with the stressor
During the ______ stage, a person may reach the breaking point
the most common response to a sudden stressor
cognitive reaction
difficulty in thinking clearly as a result of a stressor
Escape is an example of a ________ stress reaction
the Type A person has a constant flow of _____ into the blood stream
Type A people have a great deal of _______ hostility
a personality factor that can affect the stress reaction is ________ expressiveness
in the Brady study on control, the "________" monkey developed ulcers
Physical disorders are more likely to occur when we do not have ____ over stressors
studies by Weiss indicate that _____ is a crucial variable in feelings of control over the environment
research supports the idea that we react to a stressor more ________ when we cannot control it
social support
________ leads one of believe that he or she is loved, respected, and part of a network of communication
low stress
not only high stress, but also ________ can trigger physical and mental reactions that are not advantageous
bringing it under control
the best method for coping with stress is to _________ it before it is too late
protective behavior
Rahe and Arthur's stage of stress in which the person tries to deal with the situation is
Rahe and Arthur believe that stress does not necessarily have to lead to disease if it is dealt with during the first _______ stages, before signs of illness appear
the most widely used and abused drug today
Alcohol reduces the activity of the _______ nervous system
progressive relaxation
Jacobson developed the technique of _____ of reduce muscle tension
bringing specific body processes such as blood pressure under conscious control is the core of the technique
cognitive appraisal
our interpretation of an event as well as the evaluation of that event
the coping mechanism whereby the person decides that some event is not a stressor
a person who watches an event from an emotionally detached position is employing the coping mechanism of
Learned helplessness
The condition in which the person suffers from a situation so severely or so often that he/she comes to believe that it is uncontrollable and that any effort to cope will fail
Behavioral coping strategies
- controlling stressful situations
- problem solving
- explanatory style
- exercise
- support groups and professional help
- training
- improving interpersonal skills
stress can cause disease into six stages
- Perception of the situation
- Psychological responses
- Physiological responses
- Protective behavior
- Signs of illness
- Frank disease