High School Terms

High School Terms

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American College Test-entrance requirement for many colleges
AP course
Advanced Placement course for which you have the opportunity to receive college credit if you pass the test with a score of a B or better
recognition by a high school, college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed
Career and Technical Education
Elective course
A course that students choose.
EOC tests
End-of-Course tests administered at the end of specific high school courses
Extra-curricular activities
Activities or programs that may meet outside of the regular school day.
Grade Point Average. The points received for the grade earned.
Honors course
Classes designed to challenge motivated students.
Cluster of courses in a specific area such as: Business & IT (Technology), Engineering & Skilled Trades, Human Services, Education & Law, and Healthcare.
Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test; practice test designed to prepare juniors in high school for the SAT.
Quality points
The points determined by a grade point multiplied by the credit hours for a course. A=4 pts, B=3pts, etc.
Required course
a course that you must take before you can graduate from high school.
Scholastic Aptitude Test - entrance requirement for many colleges
Report of your grades, attendance, GPA, immunizations and demographics