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SS7G9 - Physical Features (SE Asia)


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ocean located to the east of Africa, south of Asia, and west of Australia; 3rd largest body of water
world's largest ocean; located between Asia and North America
Bay of Bengal
part of the Indian Ocean that is between India and the Malay Peninsula
South China Sea
body of water that is part of the Pacific; it is bordered by China, Vietnam, Malaysia, & the Philippines; known for its monsoons and typhoons
Yellow Sea
located between China and the Korean Peninsula
Yangtze River
longest river in Asia; flows through China to the East China Sea; also called Chang Jiang
Yellow River
flows east through China to the Yellow Sea; also called the Huang He
Sea of Japan
it is part of the Pacific Ocean and separates Japan from the mainland China
Korean Peninsula
bordered by the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; includes the countries of North Korea and South Korea
world's highest mountain range; Mt. Everest, world highest mountain, is in this mountain range
Indus River
flows from China through India and Pakistan before it reaches the Arabian Sea
Ganges River
a sacred body of water that starts in the Himalayas and flows through India; it empties into the Bay of Bengal
Mekong River
forms the border between Laos and Thailand; flows through Cambodia and Vietnam before emptying into the South China Sea
a large desert in Mongolia and northern China; known as "Shamo"; can be both cold and hot
located in central Asia; giant sand dunes cover 85% of surface
Ganges River
heavily polluted river; runs through India's most fertile and densely populated areas
Yellow River
China's 2nd longest river; nickname is "China's Sorrow" because of flooding
Indus River
begins in the Himalayas and runs through India and Pakistan; has one of the largest irrigation systems
Yangtze River
river provides hydroelectric power for China
Bay of Bengal
many large rivers flow into this bay
Sea of Japan
body of water that lies between the Asian continent and Japan
also referred to as the "roof of the world"