20 terms

Microsoft Powerpoint Chapter (2A & 2B)

1. A box that appears on the slide with dotted or hatch mark borders where text, charts, tables or pictures can be placed is called a __________.
dashed or hatch mark
2. When you see a ______border around the placeholder you know that you can edit the placeholder text.
3. A ________border around the placeholder means that any formatting commands will be applied to all of the text within the placeholder.
4. The color of the numbers, in a numbered list is determined by the presentation __________.
5. A button that turns a feature on and off is called a _________ button.
sizing handles
6. When an object is selected, it is surrounded by _______ ________ which allow you to change the size of the object.
7. If you wish to constrain an object's movement to a straight line, either vertically or horizontally, you should hold down the __________key while dragging the object.
8. Lines, arrows, stars and banners, ovals and rectangles are examples of __________ that are used to illustrate an idea, a process or a work flow.
9. __________ can be applied to clip art, shapes, and text boxes to complement slide backgrounds and colors.
soft edges effect
10. The ____________ softens and blurs the outer edge of the selected picture so that it blends into the slide background.
Background Removal feature
11. Power Point's _____ _________ ______ removes unwanted portions of the picture so the picture does not appear as a self-contained rectangle
crosshair pointer
12. When the _________ ________ displays, you know that you can draw a shape.
13 .In a _________graphic you can include text and pictures and you can apply colors, effects and styles that coordinate with a presentation theme.
14. Use the Smart-Art graphic type _______if you want to illustrate connections.
15. When the bullet button is toggled off, the indentation associated with the list is removed. (true/false)
16. Using a glow effect allows you to apply a colored, softly blurred outline to an object. (true/false)
fill color
17. The inside color of an object or text is called the ______ _______.
false WordArt does that
18. Smart-Art is a gallery of text styles that can be used to create decorative effects such as mirrored or shadowed text. (true/false)
19. By default an inserted picture is rectangular in shape. (true/false)
SmartArt Styles
20. Combinations of formatting effects that can be applied to Smart-Art graphics are called____________.