Professional Educator Exam


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She recognizes that the students are subtracting the 2 from the 4 in the ones column. What should she do?
Stop and immediately point out the error.
School advisory councils are made up of what?
the principal and a balanced number of elected teachers, students, parents, and diverse community members.
Which of the following activities requires higher-level thinking skills?
Students design their own circuit boards to demonstrate the difference between series and parallel circuits.
Florida Consent Decree
ensures that all students with limited English proficiency must be identified and assessed, and details the procedures for the placements, monitoring, and exiting of students from the ESOL program.
A high-school algebra teacher wants to prepare her students to do their best on a year-end assessment. To accomplish this, she should
Present the test in a similar format
What is the difference between an accommodation and a modification?
Accommodations are changes to the way a child learns; modifications are changes to what they learn.
What document is used to identify English language learners when they initially enroll in a Florida school?
Home language survey.
What is deductive thinking ?
When students start with a generalized principle, then apply it to specific situations.
Which of the following would require deductive thinking?
Students are told how horizontal and vertical motions are independent of each other, and then predict how projectiles will travel when launched at various speeds from various heights.
When choosing computer software for the classroom it is important to select products
Provides immediate feedback.
What is inductive thinking?
Method of reasoning that requires students to take specific facts and use them to develop a general conclusion.
Which of the following types of assessment questions are divergent?
Essay questions.
What are divergent questions?
Questions that require critical thinking (multiple answers).
What are convergent questions?
One-answer questions.
When arranging a student-centered classroom, it is important that
student desks are arranged in the center of the room, facing each other for group work.
Students will generate a higher-quality answer for an essay question if
If the essay is prompt and comes with a rubric.
Students very often demonstrate academic success in a second language when
When they become successful in their own language
A teacher tells her class that she knows that they are prepared for a major exam, and that she expects them all to do very well. What is she using to improve test scores?
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Intrapersonal Skills
Interpersonal skills
Works well with others
How can a teacher help students to be intrinsically motivated?
teach them to use self-praise.
What is a criterion reference test?
used to test mastery of specific benchmark standards. Tests such as the FCAT and PARCC are criterion-referenced tests.
What is a norm-referenced test?
Norm-referenced tests are used to compare a group of students to a larger group's performance.
What is a cognitive objective?
A cognitive objective has three main components: the condition, the behavior, and the degree.
An English language learner joins the classroom mid-year. She appears to speak fluent English and participates well in class, yet struggles academically in reading and science. When questioned, the teacher learns that the student has only lived in America for two years. The student's academic struggles are likely the result of
not having mastered cognitive academic language proficiency due to the length of time she has been speaking English.
The input hypothesis model developed by Steven Krashen would suggest that English language learners would benefit from
being given information that is just slightly above their ability level in the second language.
The No Child Left Behind Act states that
student whose first language is not English may only be tested in English.
Student test performance reflects
student's understanding of the topic and the quality of instruction.
A student comes to school and says that her report is done but that she is out of ink on her home printer. She asks the teacher if she can email the assignment to school and have the teacher print it out. The teacher should
Be cautious as to it can contain viruses
Prior to teaching a unit on bacteria and viruses, a teacher has students evaluate a list of content-area statements as being true or false. After the lesson is complete, the students reevaluate the statements. What was the purpose of giving the assignment before the lesson if it was also to be completed afterwards?
The teacher was using an anticipation chart to increase student interest and focus the instruction.
Drill and practice is primarily used to
practice previously learned skills.
A teacher is arrested for domestic violence, but does not report the incident because it was unfounded. The teacher
will be terminated as soon as the State of Florida learns of the offense.
A teacher notices that a student has lost her appetite and has difficulty walking or sitting. She also seems to be behaving in a sexually sophisticated manner. The teacher should
immediately contact the Florida Abuse Hotline.
Who is responsible for implementing the school improvement plan?
The principal and staff
What does the school advisory council do?
The school advisory council designs the school improvement plan, but does not implement it.
What type of question elicits a written, pictorial, or graphic response from a student?
Constructed response
An intermediate science teacher wants to develop a lesson that would teach her students to categorize items like a scientist while appealing to students with a naturalistic intelligence. Which plan would best meet her objective?
Plan an outdoor trip and have students gather items, then work in groups to sort them based on their categories
Learning communities provide educators an opportunity to
meet with other educators to discuss and study more effective instructional practices.
What are the initial stages of language acquisition?
pre-production, early production, speech emergent, intermediate fluency.
When testing for mastery,
students may retest on a skill until they demonstrate that they mastered it.
A student in the pre-production stage of second-language acquisition will
participate in a "silent period" where the language is heard but not spoken.
When a teacher notices marks on the body of any kind and a child withdraws at the approach of an adult the teacher should
Contact the Florida Abuse Hotline
A classroom teacher struggles with using base-ten blocks to teach multiplication and divisions. What would be the best resource for assistance?
Peer teacher
An ESOL teacher wants to find a way to make connections between English words and terms in Spanish that would have same meaning and similar pronunciation. The best way to achieve this would be
Build a word wall using Cognates-Cognates are words that have similar meaning and spelling in the student's native language and English.
Enlarged text, use of speech to text programs, and talking word processors are all
Accommodations for visually-impaired students. This changes the way the student learns
What is cooperative learning?
This develops peer interaction skills that will prepare students to work in a group.
What would not be used to develop phonemic awareness?
Having students spell words
Project-based learning, problem-based learning, and inquiry-based learning all
Require inductive reasoning and would be appropriate for a student-centered learning environment.
What is a problem-based activity?
A problem-based activity starts with an actual problem and asks students to generate solutions.
What is the most rigourous cognitive activity?
Extended thinking
Which organization is responsible for investigating alleged misconduct by educators?
Office of Professional Practice Services
What is the Commissioner of Education responsible for?
Ensuring that the proficiency level of all students increases through instruction, assessment, and accountability.
What is the school board responsible for?
Setting policy and meeting requirements set by the Florida Legislature and State Board of Education Rules.
When are children most capable of completing assessment problems that require logical thinking?
Which of the following is the best way that a teacher can improve student retention of new material?
Outlining the material to be covered at the beginning of the unit then reviewing it at the end
Who elects parents to the school advisory council?
Other parents
A performance-based assessment would include
Creating a model, assembling a collection, or writing a term paper
Jerome Bruner would encourage teachers to
Teach students to apply critical thinking skills to new situations.
How can a teacher dispute a decision by the Office of Professional Practices?
Request a formal hearing, admit to the charges and request an informal hearing, or agree to a settlement offer.
When would a teacher use a formative assessment?
To assess comprehension of an individual skill in the middle of a lesson or unit.
What are diagnostic tests used for?
Summative assessments are used to
"Sum up" a unit after all instruction has been given. Data can be compared to the beginning-of-the-year diagnostic data to show gains.
Pragmatics deals with the difference between
An author's implied meaning and he literal meaning of a sentence based on the social context of the situation.
Running records
Are used to document reading performance
Under Florida Law teachers are required to
Create a needs assessment, by identifying gaps in student achievement, then focusing on areas in which the teacher could improve to raise student scores.
A student portfolio is an effective evaluation tool because
It allows the teacher to evaluate students work over time. It does not contain any evaluations, or records.
When beginning a large unit the best way to prepare the students for the material is to
Explain each project that will be completed and give the students rubrics describing expectations.
Why would a student have a high-affective filter?
If the student is constantly corrected in a humiliating manner, they will be anxious to learn a new language.
What correctly describes the elements to be included in an annual goal on a student's individualized education program?
Behavior, Conditions, and Criteria.
What is the most important thing to consider when creating center activities?
If a teacher is assigned limited English proficient students they are required to have an ESOL endorsement, if the teacher does not yet have that endorsement what do they need to do?
The teacher sends home letters to the parents informing them and works towards obtaining the endorsement throughout the year.
A teacher's obligation to the profession includes
Reporting harassment in the workplace.
A teacher states his political views to his students and will not allow them to refute, this is a violation to who/why?
The student, the Code of Ethics states the teacher shall not deny a student access to diverse points of views.
What creates self-motivation and provides intrinsic motivation to stay engaged during a lesson?
Curiosity, they must know about something in order to be satisfied.
What are students able to do at the Speech Emergent stage?
They are able to form short, complete sentences.
What are students able to do at the Pre-Production stage?
They go through a silent "listening only" period and may not attempt to answer at all.
Students may not answer in complete sentences at the Early Production stage.
What can a student do at the Intermediate Fluency stage?
Answer in longer more detailed sentences.