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a. a word that looks like and is related to another word in a different language. b. having the same source, origin, or ancestor. c. similar in function and character


al alteration of pitch or tone of voice.b. the addition of an affix to a word, or a change in the form of a word, to show the plural, tense, or another grammatical relationship


the study of the letters and spelling system of a language


a. the set of inflected forms of a word. b. a model or framework that sets forth a way of viewing things, especially in an intellectual discipline


the study of the history of language


the sound system of a language; the study of such a sound system


an often witty or critical response to a reply; an answer


a. the study and art of using language effectively and persuasively. b. speech that is elaborate, pretentious or insincere


clear and precise


the arrangement of words to form grammatical sentences.

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