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Art History Midterm 2

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Scenes of redemption:
- sacrifice made on our behalf, prompted by the annunciation on the exterior

Central Top Register:
- representation of God the Father
- crowned with his heavenly crown and Earthly crown at his feet
- brightness, luminosity, and depth possible with oil that we have not seen before
- *one of the earliest representations of God the Father in human form*

Flanking the Central Top Register:
- Virgin Mary in blue robes
- John the Baptist with lots of hair
- top of registers = heavenly realm

Flanking Mary and John:
- angels playing music
- gives a sense of aural representation
- interest in miniature representation
- angel faces could be a reference to a song they are singing: different faces for different notes

Flanking the angels:
- Adam and Eve
- nakedness contrasts the splendor and opulence of the rest
- different bodies = regular representations (like a commoner at the time)
- Adam's feet emerge out of the frame (humanism)

Top corner registers:
- story of Cain and Abel, a murder
- expulsion shows the nature of human kind
- found above Adam and Eve

*All of the figures on the top register are in different spatial containers - unlike the bottom registers which are continuous

Central Bottom Register:
- direction of attention is the center
- *Sacrifice of the Lamb*
→ Lamb stands in for Christ - symbolic for redemption/sacrifice
→ blood being collected into chalice - reference to the blood and wine of Christ
- surrounding the scene are angels holding various associated symbols:
→ crown of thorns
→ the cross
→ whip - flagellation
→ column - upon which he is tied
→ sense of smell is evoked via the thurfur (incense)

4 Flanking Lower Registers:
- many people with directed attention
- incredible amount of detail
- botanists have found 40+ plant species

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