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Week 24 Tx History Vocab.


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Nueces River
River that Mexico claimed marked the boundary between Texas and Mexico
John Slidell
U.S. diplomat sent to Mexico to consider making an offer to purchase New Mexico and California
Zachary Taylor
U.S. general sent to Texas to protect it from attack
Winfield Scott
U.S. Army general who captured Mexico City in mid-September 1847
Mexican Cesssion
Mexican land turned over to the United States after the end of the Mexican War
people viewed as enemies during the Mexican War
Limited areas of land reserved for American Indians
Rio Grande
U.S. claimed boundary between Texas and Mexcio
Texas Rangers
Mexicans name was los diablos Tejanos "the Texas Devils"
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Officially ended the Mexican War
The Compromise of 1850
Resolved the border dispute between Texas and Mexico
Alabama-Coushatta Indians
Texas allowed this tribe to remain in the state