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Texas in the Frontier


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Buffalo Soldier
African American military that served in the years after the Civil War
dishonest or immoral
the belief that it is wrong to use violence to settle conflicts.
a set of actions planned by government leaders to solve an issue
a course of action used to achieve a goal
separated based on race or ethnicity
a person who illegally leaves the armed forces while still required to serve
a person who rejects lawful behavior
Manifest Destiny
the view of the United States that it was their God given purpose to expand to the West.
Cynthia Ann Parker
Anglo American woman who was captured by Comanche and raised as an American Indian.
Ulysses S. Grant
18th President of the United States
Native Americans
original inhabitants (people) of North America
Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek
peace agreement between the U.S. and Native Americans that failed
pacifist, religious group that President Grant put in charge of reservations
Henry Ossian Flipper
He was West Point's first African American graduate; Buffalo Soldier
Cattle Drive
the herding of cattle North of Texas into the Midwest during the late 1800s.
Chisholm Trail
Named after Jesse Chisholm who was the first to herd cattle from Texas to Oklahoma to Kansas
A system of transportation in the 1800s that made it much easier and faster to travel in America.
Transcontinental Railroad
Constructed by immigrants, assisted with the movement of beef, and connected Eastern United States with the West.
Quanah Parker
Son of a woman captured by Comanches and I was the last Comanches Chief
valuable export of the South including Texas. It was very abundant in Eastern Texas.
Reason for Range Wars
railroad companies building on American Indian lands
Spanish word for cowboy
Allowed farmers and ranchers in West Texas to irrigate crops without having access to a river