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Marbury v. Madison
The judges that John Adams appointed sued for commision
McCulloch v. Maryland
The state of Maryland passed legislation to impose taxes on the second bank in America
Dartmouth College v. Woodward
New Hampshire tried to turn Dartmouth college into a state university as opposed to a private university, where they would then get funds from the state
Gibbons v. Ogden
In New York you can operate a steamboat on waters within state jurisdiction
Barron v. Baltimore
John Barron sued the city of Baltimore to recover a portion of his financial losses
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Scott was a slave in Missouri he sued for his freedom his residence was free territory
Munn v. Illinois
Illinois regulated grain warehouse and elevator rates by establishing maximum rates for their use
Reynolds v. US
A man suffered a serious injury in a car accident and was forced to pay $66,866
Plessy v. Ferguson
Los Angelos engaged a law that required seperate railway cars for blacks and whites
Schenck v. US
Schenck mailed circulars to draftees, the draft was a wrong motivated by the capitalist system
Gitlow v. New York
Gitlow was arrested for distributing copies of a "left-wing manifesto" calling for strikes of any form
Near v. Minnesota
Jay Near published a scandal attacking local officials, saying they were implicated with gangsters
Korematsu v. US
President and Congress gave authority to exclude citizens of Japanese ancestry from areas deemed critical to national defense
Brown v. Board of Education
An African American minor was denied atmiddmance to a public school
Roth v. US
Roth operated a book and was convicted of mailing circulars and in violation of obscenity statue
Mapp v. Ohio
Petitioners were charged with disseminating obscene materials for the role of publishing an issue
Baker v. Carr
A law designed to apportion the seats for the states general assembly and they were virtually ignored
Engle v. Vitale
The Board of regents authorized a short, voluntary prayer for recitation at the start of each school day
Escobedo v. Illinois
A man was arrested and the police refused his repeated requests to see a lawyer
Gideon v. Wainright
A man was not appointed a lawyer because it only applied to a national case
Heart of Atlanta v. US
The motel refused to accept Black Americans and was charged with violating Title 2 of the constitution
Griswold v. Connecticut
Convicted of criminalizing the provision of counseling and other medical treatments married persons for purpose of preventing conception
Miranda v. Arizona
A defendant confessed guilt after being subjected to a variety of interrogation after being uninformed of his 5th amendment rights
Brandenburg v. Ohio
A man made a speech at a Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally and was convicted under Ohio law criminal sydicalism law
Lemon v. Kurtzman
The Pennsylvania legislature act violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment
N.Y. Times v. US
Nixon attempted to prevent the New York Times from publishing materials classified defense department study of Vietnam
Miller v. California
A man conducted a mass mailing campaign was convicted of prohibiting the distribution of obscene material
Roe v. Wade
A woman wanted an abortion but Texas only them to save the mother's life
US v. Nixon
A grand jury returned against seven of president Richard Nixon's closest's aides in the watergate affair
Gregg v. Georgia
A jury found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and immediately sentenced him to death
Buckley v. Valeo
Congress attempted to ferret out corruption in political campaigns by restricting contributions to candidates
Regents v. Bakke
A man applied to medical school at California and was rejected twice
Bowers v. Hardwick
A man was observed by a police while engaging in the act of homosexual sodomy with another adult in a bedroom of his home
Texas v. Johnson
A man burned an American flag as a means of protest against the Reagan administration policies
Oregon v. Smith
An American was fired because of religious activites discussed
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
A minor seeking an abortion required the consent of 1 parent
Bush v. Gore
The Florida supreme court ordered that the circuit court consented ballots from Miami to dade country
Lawrence v. Texas
Houston police say that two men engaging in a private, consensual sexual act
Citizen's United v. FEC
Sought an injunction to prevent the application of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform act (BCRA)
Obergefell v. Hodges
District courts violated the Equal Protection Clause and due process clause of same-sex marriage