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trying to convince you to something because everyone else is
using someone famous to sell something
Plain Folks
uses everyday people to sell products
Emotional Appeal
makes you feel strongly a certain way in order to convince you to do something
Snob Appeal
ads that convince you that only the best people use a certain product
Loaded Words
words with such strong associations
Name Calling
comparing one product to another and saying it is weaker or inferior
Glittering Generality
using words that are positive but too vague to have meaning
a name or catchphrase that is repeated over and over with a goal of having it stick in the viewer's mind
Facts and Figures
using statistics, research, or other data to make a product appear to be better than its competitor
Hasty Generalization
make a conclusion based on insufficient evidence/rushing to a conclusion before you have all the facts
Slippery Slope
If we allow A to happen, then Z will happen too, so A should not happen!
Straw Man
You misrepresented someone's argument to make it easier to attack
Post hoc or False Cause
You presumed that a real or perceived relationship between things means that one is the cause of the other
Ad Hominem
You attacked your opponent's character or traits in an attempt to discredit their argument (ON PURPOSE)
You presented 2 alternative statements as the only possibilities when there are more
Loaded Words
words with such strong associations