American Society Midterm


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The process through which academic, social, and cultural ideas and tools
are developed
Educate and Socialize
- Two main functions of schools
Human Capital
The knowledge and skills that make someone more productive and
Hidden Curriculum
- Theory that school serves to form a more cohesive society by
imposing the values of a dominant culture on outsiders and minorities
White Middle Class
- Class whose values are dominant in America right now; Education
serves to teach towards these values
Manifest Function
- Obvious goals of education
Transmission of Knowledge (learning about subjects)
- Manifest Function of education
Latent Function
- Covert goals of education that relate more to social interaction and
Learning to follow societal rules
- Latent Function of education
Respecting authority, developing efficient and obedient qualities
- Examples of societal
rules taught through schooling in America
Agent of Socialization
- School in America is an _________________________; School
is often people's first exposure to society outside of the family
Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
Process that occurs when behavior is modified to meet
preexisting expectations. In school, teachers' attitudes about class and high/low
achievement can influence instructional practices
Unequal "starting lines" can affect educational outcomes -
Conflict Theory applied to
- Social system where people get opportunities and succeed based
primarily on their talent and effort. In American schooling, this system hinders
Concerted Cultivation
- Child-Rearing style of middle-class parents that involves active
participation and manipulation of children's lives. It helps entitlement take root in
Natural Growth
- Child-Rearing style of lower-class parents that involves deliberate
separation of the adult and child spheres. Relies on more informal play and language,
and does not teach to the dominant social standard