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rankthe actual title held by a soldier is their ________gradethe letter/number combination that means the same thing as a rankspecialistsa person who devotes himself to a specific occupation or field of studycompanya military sub-divisionthat is made up of two platoons, and is the lowest administrative unita captainwho would be in charge of a company?platoona military sub-division consisting of two or more squadsa first lieutenantwho would be in charge of a platoonsquadthe smallest unit in the military with a varying personnel, consists of two or more cadetsa noncommissioned officerwho would be in charge of a squad?company commander, company executive officer, company first sergeant, and a guidon bearerwhat are the four key personnel for a company?platoon leader, platoon sergeant, two or three squad leaders, two or three assistant squad leaders, and four to six team leaderswhat are the five key personnel positions in a platoon?cadet privateone stripecommissioning, Ganem day, RFI, St. Patrick's day, and Senior Reviewthe five events that involve the BC cadetscadet private first classone stripe up/ one downcadet sergeant majorthree stripes up/ three down and a starcadet corporaltwo stripesattentionposition to start a marchcadet sergeantthree stripesto motivate young people to become better citizensWhat is the mission of JROTC?cadet colonelthree diamondscadet lieutenant coloneltwo diamondscadet majorone diamondcadet master sergeantthree stripes up/ three downcadet second lieutenantone diskcadet first lieutenanttwo diskscadet captainthree diskscadet staff sergeantthree stripes up/ one downbattalion commander and company commanderwhat are the two command positions?battalion commander (cadet lieutenant colonel)what is the most demanding position in the brigade?command the battalion at all times, prepare for training on drill days, and maintain a personal relationship with the company commandersa few battalion commander duties are?he is responsible for all the company accomplishes or fails, and is an expert in drillwhat are a few duties of the company commander?to organize the battalion staff properly, and to act as the commander of troops at ceremonieswhat are a few jobs for the battalion executive officer?paperwork and administrative dutieswhat are the duties of S-1?info and securitywhat are the duties of S-2?organization and supplywhat are the duties of S-3?logistics and supplywhat are the duties of S-4?projects and planningwhat are the duties of S-5?publication and a battalion scrapbookwhat are the duties of the Public Affairs Officer (PAO)supervising the maintenance of the rifles, and coordinating weapon requirements with S-4what is the rifle team captain in charge of?recruiting and organizing members for the drill team, and to schedule the drill team practiceswhat is the drill team captain in charge of?training members of the color guard, and coordinating uniform, weapon, and flag requirements with S-4what is the color guard captain in charge of?Cadet Colonel TurnerCadet Brigade CommanderColonel Brent E. Barnessixth ROTC brigadeThe Honorable Charles T. Hagelsecretary of defenseThe Honorable John McHughsecretary of the armyColonel Richard E. LaRossasenior army instructor (SAI)Major General Jeffory A. SmithUS army cadet (accessions) commandGeneral Raymond T. Odiernochief of staff, US armyGeneral Robert W. ConeUS training and doctrine command (TRADOC)President Barack H. Obamacommander in chief