History - Ch.5

History test for Mrs. Becky Edge's class Test: Sept. 15, 2010 Book used: http://glencoe.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0078652731/
Albrecht Durer
Best Known Engraver
Created Realistic Sculptures
Da Vinci
Painted the Last Supper
Pieter Bruegel
Showed individuality of people in a large group (in a painting)
Painted the school of Athens
Martin Luther
Believed people got into heaven by faith alone
Martin Luther believed people got into heaven by _____ alone
After Martin Luther king saw him selling indulgences, he began questioning the doctrines of the church.
Frederick the Wise
Gave Martin Luther shelter after the trial of Worms (pronounced V-er-m-s)
95 These
Posted by Martin Luther on the door of the Wittenberg church
October 31, 1517
Protestant Reformation began on this date
Presbyterian Church
Church set up by John Knox
1st Protestant Faith
Art and Learning
Renaissance was the rebirth of these two things
Milan, Venice, Florence
The major city states
Said "The perfect noble is born, not made."
The place artists drew inspiration from
Cosimo de Medici
Wealthiest man in Europe and supported all the artists
King Henry VIII
Broke from the Catholic church (creating the Church of England) when they refused to divorce him
King Henry VIII's first child
Jane Seymour
King Henry VIII's third wife
Jane Seymour
Gave birth to King Henry VIII's only son, Edward VI
Anglican Church
Name for Church of England
Edward VI
Henry's only son
Plague (Black Death) (Bubonic Plague)
(Black Plague)
Killed 60% of Europe's population
Merchants (Middle Class)
Said that "social rank was earned"
Birthplace of the Renaissance
Thriving cities, Growing Merchant Class, Classical Heritage
Three reasons Italy was the birthplace of Renaissance
Pardon for Sins
The thought that human achievement and potential (science) will lessen our need of God
To declare invalid
Meaning worldly
Government controlled by religious leaders
Greatest English Renaissance author
Thomas Moore
Wrote "Utopia"
Hans Holbein
Specialized in portraits (Painted Anne of Cleaves for Henry VIII)
Catherine of Aragon; Divorced; Mary
Henry VIII's first wife; What happened to her; Child she conceived
Anne Boleyn; Beheaded; Elizabeth
Henry VIII's second wife; What happened to her; Child she conceived
Jane Seymour; Died; Edward VI
Henry VIII's third wife; What happened to her; Child she conceived
Anne of Cleaves; Divorced
Henry VIII's fourth wife; What happened to her;
Cathrine Howard; Beheaded
Henry VIII's fifth wife; What happened to her;
Kathrine Parr; Survived (Henry Died)
Henry VIII's sixth wife; What happened to her;
Most influential humanist writer
Peach of Augsburg
Formally began the division of Christianity in Germany
Ignatius of Loyola
Founded Jesuits
Anabaptists (Known as Quakers later)
Group that believed that the church and the state should be seperate
Charles V
Holy Roman Emporer durin?g the Reformation
Anglican or Protestant
During the Reign of Elizabeth, England was this religion
England was this during the reign of (Bloody) Mary
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII first married her
The 100 Years War began this year
Wrote "Praise of Folly"
Painted Sistine chapel
1st great Flemish painter
Created more realistic sculptures
Sum of money paid to the wife's new family
1st year of the Renaissance
Henry VIII
Started Reformation in England