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Frontal Lobe

problem solving, reasoning, decision making, ideation (makes humans human)

Limbic System

regulates drive, comprised of hypothalamus, amygdala, hippocampus, and septum


regulates motivation (eating, drinking, sexual drive, body temperature, and stress response)


evaluates/monitors information from environment, fear, anger relief


central roles in memory formation/retrieval


inhibits aggression and regulates/limits sex drive

Pituitary Gland

controls endocrine glands, growth, metabolism, and maturation

Temporal Lobe

center of hearing, production/comprehension of speech


band of nerves on central surface of brain that links medulla oblongata and cerebellum to upper brain, responsible for sleep cycles

Medulla Oblongata

continuation of spinal cord responsible for respiration, heart rate, blood pressure

Parietal Lobe

processes bodily sensations and perceives spatial relationships

Corpus Callosum

arch of nervous tissue that connects hemispheres and allows communication between them

Occipital Lobe

contains visual center


responsible for regulation/coordination of voluntary muscular movement, posture, and balance

Spinal Cord

central nervous system located in the spine, plays role in body reflexes, and communicates between brain and peripheral nervous system

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