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protoplasmic extension of nerve cell that receives impulses (synaptic transmission), connection point for neighboring neurons

Axon Terminals

separated from neighboring neurons by synapse where electrochemical signals are sent (called presynaptic neurons), transmission of axon branches sends receptors to neighboring cells

Schwann's Cell

produced myelin (insulation that surrounds nerve fiber core/axon) and facilitates nerve impulse transmissions

Node of Ranvier

local constriction region in myelinated nerve (formed between two Schwann's cells where action potential occurs) - Battery of cell


threadlike structure that conducts nerve impulses

Myelin Sheath

insulation that surrounds axon/nerve fiber cores and facilitates nerve impulse transmission, improves travel by axon and is subject to diseases like dementia


maintains health of neuron and makes neurochemicals

Cell Body (soma)

main structure of neuron (location of dendrite branches)

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