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Alphonse Bertillon

The first systematic attempt at personal indentification was devised and introuduced by


A system of identification relying on precise body measurements

Sir Edward Richard Henry

The fingerprint classification system used in most english speaking countries was devised by...


The first systematic and offical use of fingerprints for personal identification in the United States was adopted by the new York City Civil Service Commission

is not

The individuality of a fingerprint (is, is not) determined by its pattern


A point-by-point comparison of a fingerprints ____ must be demostrated in order to prove identity.


_____ are a reproduction of friction skin ridges

dermal papillae

The form and pattern of skin ridges are determined by the (epidermis, dermal papillae)

dermal papillae

A permanent scar will form in the skin only when an injury damages the ____


Fingerprints (can, cannot) be changed during a person lifetime.

loops, whorls, and arches

The three general pattern into which fingerprints are divided are ___, _____, and _____


The most common fingerprint pattern is the


Approximately 5 percent of the population has ____ fingerprint pattern


A loop pattern that opens toward the thumb is known as a

type lines

The pattern area of the loop is enclosed by two diverging ridges known as


the ridge point nearest the type-line divergence is known as the


All loops must have ___ delta(s)


The approximate center of a loop pattern is called the

plain whorl

If an imaginary line is drawn between the two deltas of a whorl pattern touches any of the spiral ridges, the pattern is classified as a

plain arch

The simplest of all fingerprint patterns is the

have no

Arches (have, have no) type lines, deltas, or cores

whorl pattern

The presence or absence of the ____ pattern is used as a basis for determining the primary classification in the Henry system


The largest category (25 percent) in the primary classification ststem is


A fingerprint classification system (can, cannot) unequivocally identify an idnividual


Computerized fingerprint search systems match prints by comparing the position of bifurcation and ridge endings (true or false)


A finger left by a person with soiled or stained fingertips is called a _____


____ fingerprints are impressions left on a soft material


Fingerprint impressions that are not readily visible are called ____

Powder, superglue

Fingerprints on har and nonabsorbent surfaces are best developed by application of a ____


Fingerprints on porous surfaces are best developed with ____ treatment


_____ vapors will chemically combine with fatty oils or residual water to visualize a fingerprint


The chemical ____ visualizes fingerprints by its reaction with amino acid

phyical developer

Chemical treatment with ____ visualizes fingerprints on porous articles that may have been wet at one time


A letent fingerprint is first tested with physical developer followed by ninhydrin (true, false)

Super Glue Fuming

A chemical technique known as ____ is used for developing latent prints on nonprous surfaces such as metal and plastic


______ is a phenomenon that occures when a substance absorbs light and reemits the light in wavelengths longer than the illumination source

laser light

High intensity light sources known as _____ have proven to be effective in developing latent fingerprints.

a photograph

Once a fingerprint has been visualized it must be preserved by a ______


The image produced from a digital file is compose of numerous square electronic dots called

frequency fourier transform

a ______ is used to identify repetitive patterns such as lines or dots that interfere with the interpretation of a digitized fingerprint image.

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