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Brain Parts and Their Functions

Brain Stem
Connects brain to spinal chord and determines brain life or death
Nerve pathway; contains auditory and visual reflex centers
Regulate brain activity during sleep/dreaming
Medulla (Oblongata)
Relay station between spinal chord and brain; regulates breathing, heart rate, reflex actions
Reticular Formation
Regulates consciousness
Coordinates muscles for precise movements and control of balance and posture
Limbic System
Emotional part of brain
Lays down memories and regulates emotions
Generates negative emotions
Takes sensory nerve impulses and sends them to the brain to let it know what's happening outside the body
Four F's: Fight or Flight, Feeding, Mating
Pineal Gland
Secretes melatonin; controls sleep-wake cycle
Cerebral Cortex
Contains nerve centers for thought, personality, senses involuntary movement
Motor Cortex
Allows conscious muscle movement
Sensory Cortex
Detects sense of touch, pain, temperature and pressure
Frontal Lobe
Creates feelings of self awareness
Parietal Lobe
Sense of touch
Occipital Lobe
Detects and interprets visual information (color, light, etc)
Temporal Lobe
Interprets hearing