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Exact cell division, red blood cells do not divide.


Reduction of cell division. ( Only happens in sex cells )


Code for all proteins (3 billion)


Segment of DNA that codes for protein.


Appear during cell division/ segments of DNA

Dominant Gene

AKA the gene that is expressed.

Recessive Gene

AKA the gene that is repressed.


Genetically alike.


Genetically unlike.


A change in your DNA.

Autosomal Trait

Any trait besides X or Y

Sex-linked Trait

Any trait on X or Y chromosomes. def: color blindness. (X has more traits)

Smooth hair line, Attached ear lobes, No Freckles, No Straight thumb, Right thumb over finger.

Some recessive Traits are....

Widow's peak, Unattached ear lobes, Freckles, Straight Thumb, Left thumb over finger.

Some dominant Traits are...

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