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Venir conjugation, venir from a place and just did something.
To come.
Je viens
I am coming
Tu viens
You're coming (casual)
Il vient
He is coming
Elle vient
She is coming
On vient
One is coming
Nous venons
We're coming
Vous venez
You're all coming
Ils viennent
They're coming
Elles viennent
They're coming (all females)
Il vient du stade.
He just came back from the stadium.
Elle vient de l'école.
She just came back from school.
On vient de la plage
One just came back from the beach.
Nous venons du zoo.
We just came back from the zoo.
Ils viennent du cinéma.
They have just come back from the movie theater.
Elles viennent du centre commercial.
They have just come back from the mall.
Je viens de nager.
I just swam.
Tu viens de faire du jogging.
You just jogged.
Il vient de jouer au tennis.
He just played tennis.
Elle vient de faire du Théâtre.
She just did drama.
On vient de voir un film.
One just saw a movie.
Vous venez de faire du ski.
You all just skied.
Ils viennent de faire du vélo.
They just biked.
Elles viennent de jouer aux jeux vidéo.
They just played video games.
Qui vient
Who's coming
Tout le monde vient
Everyone is coming
to come back
to become