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Fuggi Characteristics of Living Things quiz review

A cod fish lays over a million eggs every breeding season.
A baby whale can gain over a hundred fifty pounds a day.
Contains one of more cells
Their are many unicellular organisms in my pond.
Heredity / DNA
Many students in the class look just like their parents.
Respond to Stimuli
When the trainer whistles the dog runs back to him.
White-tailed deer have an internal temperature of 102 degrees.
Obtain / use energy or growth
Elephants need to eat 300 lbs. of food a day.
Evolve / Adapt
Paleontologists compare fossils to animals living now.
Reproduction or growth
Elephants stay pregnant for 22 months. ( humans 9 months !)
Contains one or more cells
Bacteria are unicellular organisms.
Human babies usually walk around 10 months of age.
Evolve / Adapt
Even though a bear lost a leg it still survives.
Responds to Stimuli
When a deer smelled the hunter, it ran away.
Most humans maintain a 98.6 degree internal body temperature.
World record for most children ( human ) is 69.
Evolve / Adapt or Growth
There's a crab with claws big enough to crack a coconut.