Level E Vocab 1 11-20 Sentences

20 terms by ParklandHS

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The investigators uncovered an __________ scheme to rob people of their life savings


They were too proud to give any __________ of their financial difficulties


The tour guide showed us the _________ living quarters of the royal family.


Spools of __________ copper are standard equipment for many kinds of workers.


Effective speakers often __________ an important statement for emphasis


__________ people can generally be expected to take things in stride


Negotiators have come up with a __________ agrrement that will keep both sides at the bargaining past the strike deadline


According to my parents, the latest fashions make me and my friends loom __________


Newspapers often publish the __________ text of an important political speech


The hikers made their way __________ up the steep and rocky trail.


To this day, historians are still debating whether or not Aaron Burr was guilty of a(n) ____________ plot to break up the United States.


Her unchanging facial features and controlled voice as she received the news gave no _____________ of her true feelings.


Perhaps I would be bored with the ___________ lifestyle of a millionaire but I'm willing to try it.


The twigs that were to be woven into the basket were soaked in water to make them more __________.


At the risk of being bored, let me ______________ my warning against careless driving.


We learnind that beneath his ____________ exterior there was a sensitive highly subtle, and perceptive mind.


Since his acceptance of the invitation was only ______________, the hostess may be one man short at the dinner party.


Why would someone who is usually so neat and tidy appear in public in such a(n) ______________ state ?


Since I need the speaker's exact words for my report, I have asked the stenographer to take down the speech _____________.


Having to learn to respect the power in his opponent's fists, the boxer moved __________ around the center of the ring.

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