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What symbols of their presence did Australian Aborigines leave behind?

natural landmarks and rock paintings.

What did the Period of the Dreaming specify?

They specified the territory each human tribe was to occupy.

What did the story of The Dreaming give shape to?

They gave shape to the landscape and created the various forms of life, including the first human beings.

Thye story of the Butterflies is a story of?

New Beginnings.

In the story of The Butterfly their world had no what?


In the story of The Butterfly who volunteered to look for the Cockatoo?

The caterpillers

Finish the quote. "The Yoruba of Nigeria believed that in the beginning"?

"there was nothing but a great, silent ocean that reached the heavens"

What country are the Yoruba people from?


Who brought the Yoruba people down from Heavan?


What is the most important aspect of Lakota culture?

Oral Tradition

If the buffalo were always migrating, then it is possible that the Lakota people were always?

Moving across the country

Lakota people and their ancestors always hunted?

The buffalo

Who was an African trickster figure?

Br' er Rabbit

What is the name of the tool used to trap Br' er Rabbit?

Tar Baby

Who was the character who trapped Br' er Rabbit?

Br' er Fox

The tales of Iktomi's inclination for misbehavior leads many?

without a full understanding of Native American mythology.

People believe that Iktomi was?

is an evil figure and is not quite that simple.

What myth is Iktomi compared with?

The Dream Catcher

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