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  1. The buffalo
  2. Oral Tradition
  3. The caterpillers
  4. natural landmarks and rock paintings.
  5. Nigeria
  6. is an evil figure and is not quite that simple.

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  1. Who was an African trickster figure?is an evil figure and is not quite that simple.


  2. If the buffalo were always migrating, then it is possible that the Lakota people were always?Oral Tradition


  3. The tales of Iktomi's inclination for misbehavior leads many?without a full understanding of Native American mythology.


  4. What is the name of the tool used to trap Br' er Rabbit?Tar Baby


  5. Who was the character who trapped Br' er Rabbit?Tar Baby


  6. Thye story of the Butterflies is a story of?Death


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