11 terms

Marine science chapter 11

inner core outer core mantle crust
going from center of earth outward the four major layers are
the uppermost solid portion of the mantle and the crust
according to the rock cycle _______ rocks from when accumulated organic and inorganic particles are compressed and cemented together
T or F archimedes principle relates to the structure of the earth because scientists theorize that the lithosphere floats on the asthenosphere
t or f isostatis equilibrium is the balance between the weight of land and the weight of water that keeps the continents from sinking into the oceans
rising or falling along a fault
when isostatic equilibirum becomes disrupted landamsses will restore the balance by
fossils coal in antarctica continents fit
evidence wegner used to support theory of continental drift are ____
mid ocean ridge rift valley
a ________ is an underwater mountain range with a ______ running through the center of it
several rigid plates floating on the asthenosphere
according to the theory of plate tectonics the lithosphere consists of
hot spot
a local rising column of magma that does not move with the plate above it
the primary force that scientists cause plates to move