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Solar Energy

Energy from the sun


One complete spin of Earth on it's axis. Takes 24 hours to complete, causes day and night.


The Earth's trip around the sun, takes 365 1/4 days to complete.


The distance north and south of the equator.


Regions near the equator where season are based on rainfall not temperatures.


Water with out salt.


Large areas of slow moving ice

Surface Water

Water found below the Earth's surface.

Water Vapor

Water that is in the air as an invisible gas.

Water Cycle

The movement of water from earth's surface and back.


The shapes on Earth's surface.


The seven large landmasses

Plate tectonics

Theory that suggest that earth's surface is divided inot a dozen or so slow moving plates, or pieces of Earth's surface.


The magma that reaches Earth's surface.


Sudden violent movements of Earth's crust.


The process that breaks rock down into smaller pieces.


The movement of sediment from one location to another.

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